Brand New, Surprising Poll Reveals ‘Best’ Candidate to Go up Against Clinton; Analysts Now Predict Brokered Convention

By B. Christopher Agee. Among the reasons many Republicans list for opposing Donald Trump’s bid to become the party’s presidential nominee is the fact that, in head-to-head polling against presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, the brash billionaire has repeatedly and decisively lost. A recent CNN/ORC poll showed a dramatic shift from previous reports, with Trump down a whopping eight points against Clinton.

Not only did both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio come out on top against Clinton in that hypothetical match-up, the news got even worse for Trump when pollsters probed the favorability factor. Trump fared worse than anyone in either party with 6 in 10 respondents sharing an unfavorable opinion of him.

A subsequent poll conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal confirms Trump would face a pronounced electoral deficit against Clinton if the general election were held soon. In a one-on-one race, respondents said they would give Clinton a 13-point margin of victory. Both Cruz and Rubio remain competitive with Hillary, the poll results found, as both Republicans finished within two points — or less than the survey’s margin of error — of the former secretary of state. (Read more from “Brand New Poll Just Revealed Best Candidate to Go up Against Clinton – It’s NOT Who You’d Think” HERE)


Donald Trump to Storm Convention Just Shy of Delegate Threshold for Nomination

By Ralph Z. Hallow. Donald Trump is on track to hand the Republican establishment an unprecedented defeat at the national convention in July, despite being outspent 3-1 by party leaders and their associates in their all-out effort to turn primary and caucus voters against him, according to a state-by-state delegate allocation analysis by The Washington Times.

By the time California and three other states count their votes from the last four primaries June 7, the brash billionaire businessman and TV star will be 74 or so delegates short of the 1,237 majority needed for the nomination, the analysis shows.

With so large a plurality in the offing, it is increasingly unlikely that the Republican establishment, fronted by 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, will carry through with plans to change the convention rules to wrest the nomination from Mr. Trump and hand it to an establishment-approved candidate such as Marco Rubio or John Kasich, or even a noncandidate like House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, who is expected to be named the convention’s chairman and has the adoration of the party’s power brokers.

“I cannot imagine him not getting a majority on the first ballot if he’s only 74 delegates short of a majority,” said Republican superlawyer and Constitution scholar James Bopp Jr. (Read more from “Donald Trump to Storm Convention Just Shy of Delegate Threshold for Nomination” HERE)

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  • dranalog

    I would not pay attention to polls regarding Trump.

    • Jim Delaney

      Esp. if those polls don’t sanctify him.

  • MikefromNC

    But, but, but… That’s not what I WANT to hear! Waaaahhhhh. I reject everything except what I want to believe. You people are all communists and you love Obama and Hillary!
    (or something like that)
    The Typical Trump-a-teer

  • ivdad

    No matter what, Clinton will win. Even if indicted by a grand jury, the administration will stall until after the election. All polls show her beating Trump. If it goes to the Convention and if Trump doesn’t get the nomination and goes third party, it will be like Daddy Bush against Billy, with Perot taking enough votes to give Wild Bill the win.

  • Russ

    It is so strange that even though Trump is SOOOOOOOOOOOO far ahead of all the other candidates and yet they would do better against slime dog Clinton or sideburn sanders is so friggin ridiculous it’s funny. If Trump can’t beat either one of these losers than how is any of the others supposed to?? So here is my prediction, TRUMP will win by a LANDSLIDE!!!!! TRUMP 2016

    • Daddy Kickass

      It’s time to drain the swamp. Cruz & Rubio have been wallowing in the swamp long enough.

  • scxjpfe787

    No way in the universe is this article based in truth. Clinton wii win any of these candidate’s. Most unfortunate for the universe and us!

  • Walker

    This poll is hogwash, and I even doubt the veracity of this article. Joe had been in the tank for “anyone but Trump” from the outset.

    Go Trump!!

    • Jim Delaney

      You might not like the poll results, but because they burst your bubble they are hogwash? Jettison the blinders, Walker! We dare not risk blowing it again. The country cannot survive more Progressive oppression and insanity.

  • Jim Delaney

    Trump’s probably a good choice were it not for his perilous unfavorability rating. We simply cannot risk blowing the presidential election yet again. The country’s very future is at stake. Strongly urge conservatives and other patriots to back a demonstrably combative constitution-first conservative, that being Ted Cruz.

  • dufus

    Total b.s. Go Trump 2016!

  • Nels

    Trump gets enough minority votes to break up the minority voting blocks the Democrats depend on. No Democrat candidate can get elected president without those minority blocks, and Trump will wreck that strategy for them.
    We see in the primaries that Trump is drawing big voter turnouts. He is getting out the vote like no candidate has done for years.
    Trump will get all the Regan Democrats, including the ones who stopped voting years ago. Trump will get a lot of independents. Trump will get a great many Bernie voters if he’s running against Hillary. He doesn’t come across as a conservative, so many who would never vote Republican will vote for him. Trump will get millions of votes from people on the right and left who gave up on voting years ago.
    The only votes that Trump won’t get are the Hillary votes, and the bitter cuckservative RINOs who will vote for Hillary to keep the approval of their liberal acquaintances.
    Trump would have a decent chance to beat Slick Willie in his prime. Hillary doesn’t stand a chance. Against an unlovable, shrill, decrepit old feminist harridan who can’t even get women to vote for her, Trump will win in a landslide like we haven’t seen since Reagan.
    This “Trump can’t beat Hillary” nonsense? It’s the liberal media grasping at straws. We know they lie, and this is just another example.

  • Marks2Cents

    “Intensity” is never considered ESPECIALLY with “registered voter” polls. Trump beats Hillary in a landslide because of turnout.

  • liberty49

    Trump has not begun to campaign against Hillary, yet. I think he would win by a landslide if he can overcome the crooked voting machines.

  • Flayer

    The polls showing who can beat Hillary are so irrelevant now. We only just winnowed our bench from 17 now to 2 (ok, Kasich and Rubio are still in the race but no chance to win at this point), Trump and Cruz. Trump has been ahead of Cruz. When we get to ONE candidate against the ONE candidate, Hillary, then we can look at polls. Now Trump and Cruz are running against each other and until recently, Rubio. They have not yet focused on Hillary. Meanwhile Hillary has been planning her coronation for many decades, certainly the last 10 years. I remember her on tv saying that there was “absolutely no doubt in her mind that she would be the candidate.” That was before Obama sprung out of the swamps of Chicago and beat her badly. I am a Cruz person but will happily vote for Trump in the general because #NeverHillary. She is so unappealing and her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. When we start hearing her campaign in the general she will turn most of us off. I know my 20-something sons do not like her. One son, unfortunately, likes Bernie, but I forgive him because he’s still in college, but doesn’t like him enough to vote for him because he likes his guns. The other one couldn’t be dragged by horses to vote for her, and he tells me none of his liberal friends like her either. So far I’m impressed by Trumps cross-over appeal and that will serve him well.