Watch: Clinton Explains Why She Said One Thing to Chelsea, Something Else to Benghazi Families

Democrat Hillary Clinton says on the night of the Benghazi attacks on Sept. 11-12, 2012, she was dealing with “information that was changing, literally by the hour,” and she said her email to her daughter Chelsea on that night proves her point.

“At the time I e-mailed with my daughter, a terrorist group had taken credit for the attacks on our facility in Benghazi. Within 16, 18 hours, they rescinded taking credit. They did it all on social media. And the video did play a role,” Clinton insisted.

“We have captured one of the lead terrorists, and he admits it was both a terrorist attack and it was influenced by the video. This was fog of war. This was complicated. The most effective, comprehensive reports and studies demonstrate that.”

At Wednesday night’s Univision-hosted debate, moderator Jorge Ramos told Clinton, “I want to continue with the issue of trust. ”

He mentioned the email that Hillary sent to Chelsea on the night of the attacks, in which she blamed al Qaida for murdering Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. But some of the men’s families say Clinton later told them that the violence was sparked by a protest over a video that Muslims considered insulting. (Read more from “Clinton Explains Why She Said One Thing to Chelsea, Something Else to Benghazi Families” HERE)

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  • 4freedom

    She still claims the video played a role, unbelievable.

    • ivdad

      If you recall the State Department in Egypt apologized for the Video 2 days before it was posted,

      • Bob2002

        Yea, reeks of a conspiracy by Obama and Clinton to justify their lousy actions in Libya. Both are incompetents, but the Democrats still love them.

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