Documents Reveal That 73 U.S. Airport Employees Linked to Terrorists

Documents recently obtained by WFXT-TV through a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that 73 private employees at nearly 40 airports nationwide have been identified with potential ties to terrorists.

The 73 reportedly flagged employees still were allowed to work at the airports because the Transportation Security Administration did not yet have access to all of the terrorism-related databases used during the vetting process, a report from the Homeland Security Inspector General’s Office stated last year. Although this original 2015 report did not reveal where the 73 airport workers were employed, since its release, the TSA said that it has been given access to all terror-related databases, according to WFXT.

Charlie Leocha, chairman of the consumer traveler advocacy group Travelers United, told WFXT that the employees, whose identities have not yet been publicly released, could be anyone from a supervisor at an airport store to an airline employee with access to luggage . . .

Michael England, the TSA’s national spokesman, issued a statement in which he claimed that the compiled evidence does not suggest that the 73 DHS employees are on the U.S. government’s consolidated terrorist watch list. (Read more from “Documents Reveal That 73 U.S. Airport Employees Linked to Terrorists” HERE)

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  • Kent2012

    and that is just the tip of the iceberg…now kenyan boyo wants to bring in some more of his boys in order to get terrorist cells up and running for this summer…