Endorsing Trump! – Tea Party Member Gone Rogue?

Who’s gone rogue? The Establishment, the elites in the GOP, that’s who! Priority number one for these pseudo-aristocrats is to force a brokered convention in order to shove their nominee down our throats! This time they’re putting more than just a critical election at risk, the survival of the GOP itself is at stake, and perhaps a last chance to salvage our once great but now floundering country! Apparently the use of any tactic is fair game as long as it prevents Trump from receiving the 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination. Due to selfishness, these pseudo-aristocrats are going to do anything it takes to protect their personal power, voters be damned!

Alinsky-style tactics commonly used by the media, and some Democrats, have been adopted by many GOP elites to prevent the ‘outsider’ from prevailing in this primary. These elites don’t find media manipulation, innuendo or propaganda objectionable as long as it’s directed at their common enemy. Paid ‘protestors’ who create disruptive spectacles such as the one at the Trump rally in Ohio last Saturday aren’t being criticized by the Establishment. They know very well the value of negative advertising. Audio sound bites and video clips designed to cast an undesirable light on the common enemy is welcomed especially at no cost to the club. When it comes to fiscal constraint, this is the only success these elites can claim.

Even when it’s clearly time to start backing the voter’s choice, the establishment-cronies won’t get behind the clear leader and instead keep doing whatever they can to divide the party when their efforts should be to unite it. Perhaps more than ever, these GOP elites have caused this nomination process to devolve in to one of ‘exclusivity’. Driving their actions more so than any real concern for Trump’s legitimacy as a GOP candidate is their concern for retaining personal power. I too have reservations about Trump, but then I have reservations about every candidate. Whether pushing Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John Kasich or Marco Rubio, a contested convention would simply produce another establishment-loser to run in the general election. Conservatism would suffer yet another loss to the socialist Clinton, Sanders or whoever else may emerge from the mess on the left. If this goes to convention, the GOP may accomplish nothing short of self-destruction.

The establishment’s record of failure is clear. Surely it’s time we stopped allowing these elites to force losers upon us. No socialist democrat will lead this country back to its Constitutional foundation and neither will any GOP establishment candidate. For many years Republican establishment candidates haven’t been all that different from Democrat candidates. It’s also hard to lead when you’re the loser. It’s not ‘rogue’ of me then to gamble on Trump, especially when considering what a convention would produce. With the existing delegate count largely favoring Trump, and the greatest resistance to his nomination coming from the GOP elites, my decision to support him gets increasingly easier.

Early on the choice of Trump over Cruz was challenging for me because Cruz has done great work on 2nd Amendment issues. As with any candidate though, he too can be criticized for things like supporting some less than constitutional conservative people and for his work pushing the TPA. At its core, TPA is a critical mechanism designed to promote Globalism which means a loss of US sovereignty. Cruz may be regretting his involvement in TPA, but who knows? Trade agreements such as those proposed in TPA are things Trump will help negotiate without TPA and accomplish what’s necessary while keeping our country’s sovereignty intact. Trump says that we must not mess with the 2nd Amendment and despite some concern, he seems to understand the folly awaiting anyone trying to do so.

At considerable risk to his popularity, Trump takes a hard line on Muslim immigration which I find courageous and necessary. Apparently, this hasn’t offended all Muslims as he’s getting support from many. Without conforming to a politically correct narrative, Trump says the things many of us are thinking, and that’s commendable. It’s not bigoted of one to recognize and try to get to the source of a problem, to solve it, and thus protect the innocent.

Most Republicans claim they want border security and yet want amnesty for illegal immigrants. I believe the vast majority of Americans – including legal immigrants – oppose illegal immigration. Trump says Mexico will pay for the border wall. Trump clearly sees the need to dispense with or at least drastically reduce the power of big government agencies such as the IRS, EPA and the DOE. He understand the ills of Common Core and knows that educational concerns are the states’ purview, not the Feds.

As for electability, Trump polls quite well with evangelicals, many of whom I thought would favor Cruz. The women’s vote is admittedly a bit of a hurdle for Trump. Trump deserves to be criticized for being less than polite and for his sometimes abrasive and unnecessary comments. Does this mean that some women may follow Romney’s advice and do a write-in vote or just not vote? Either way, those lost votes would only help Hillary or, by some possible change of events, the other socialist ‘D’. It’s clear to me why many women find it difficult to support Trump, at least based on his personality.

I doubt that many voters will follow Romney’s advice in the face of a Trump nomination and do a write-in vote. Most will reject this establishment-advice and instead will cast their vote for Trump even if they have to wear clothespins on their noses. I wore a clothespin on my nose when I voted for Romney!

So, if you must, say that I’ve gone rogue, kick me out of the Republican Party, or out of the Tea Party, but know this: our RINO leadership has been in the process of kicking right-thinking Republicans like me out of the GOP tent for the past two decades. I proudly endorse Trump for President!

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