Exposed: Sinister Source Donated $200K to THIS Republican Candidate

By Kevin Whitson. In a multi-part series special, former Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck exposed George Soros to the world as the man behind machine, the political puppeteer who was actually controlling U.S. politics, news, financial markets, among a myriad of other things.

Beck’s career at Fox News came to a screeching halt shortly after the exposé making the accusations aired, a result he said was due in part to his commentary about Soros.

There’s no question that leftist liberal Soros is heavily involved in the Democratic campaigns for presidency, but some may be surprised to learn some Republican candidates are also on the take. Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) has been the beneficiary of Soros funds. In a tweet by Scottie Nell Hughes, Hughes revealed Kasich has received $202,700 from Soros’ fund management.

In a reply to Hughes’ tweet, another Twitter user tweeted Donald Trump was also a recipient of Soros’ funds. A user named Pete pointed Hughes to a New York Times article from 2004. In the article, it was revealed George Soros invested $160 million into Trump’s Chicago skyscraper project.

So, at least two of the remaining four Republican candidates have done business with Soros. Yet Soros spoke out against Trump in January 2016 saying he was, “doing the work of ISIS,” by alienating Muslims with his disparaging comments to bar them from entering the U.S. (Read more from “Exposed: Sinister Source Donated $200K to THIS Republican Candidate” HERE)


Ohio Saves John Kasich — Again

By James Downie. Last August, at the first Republican presidential debate, Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly asked Ohio Gov. John Kasich to defend acquiescing to the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion. Normally, it would have been an awkward question for Kasich. Many Republican governors — including several of Kasich’s rivals on the stage that night — have rejected the expansion, denying some three million Americans health insurance. It is an article of faith for many Republicans that the expansion, as part of Obamacare, must be fought tooth and nail. In most debates, Kasich’s unapologetic defense would have gotten him boos or at best scattered applause.

Luckily for Kasich, the first Republican debate was held in Cleveland, Ohio. The Republicans in the audience, for whom Kasich has been a popular figure for decades, loudly cheered him. Thanks in part to their applause, many observers gave Kasich positive reviews — good for keeping donors on board, at the very least. And on Tuesday Ohio Republicans came through for Kasich again. He won 47 percent of the vote in the state’s GOP primary, beating Donald Trump by eleven points and handing the frontrunner his biggest defeat (by delegate count) of the primary. Despite never coming close to double digits in any national poll before mid-February or close to winning any other primary contest, Kasich has somehow managed to become one of the last three GOP candidates standing. (Read more from “Ohio Saves John Kasich — Again” HERE)

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  • MikefromNC

    Now Kasich needs to grow up and drop out. Today.

  • ivdad

    The DOJ investigates and charges FIFA officials, 90 year old former concentration camp guards, that are US citizens, but no word on why Soros has not been investigated for turning his own people over to the SS, money manipulation, election machine tampering through one of his corporations.

  • Greg Stoddard

    Soros’ investments in business isn’t equivelant to funding Trump’s campaign. Granted, not by choice, your tax dollars fund planned parenthood but that’s not equivalent to investing in PP.

  • Kevin

    Multiple people have done the math, and they all say the same thing: there is NO way Kasich can win the 2016 nomination. Kasich is not, even, close to having the number of delegates Ted Cruz has (and, Cruz is currently well back in 2nd place). Kasich is only still in to try to move the 2016 nomination to a “brokered” convention. Clearly, Kasich is putting his own, selfish, interests ahead of allowing the public to vote for who they want.

  • Linda

    Betcha obama is in on it too. The plan is to cause confusion . Never let a crisis go to waste. Betcha obama declares martial law & calls off the election. God Help Us. God’s Name is NOT allah !

  • dufus

    Beck you are a leach of the highest order. You had better start looking in the mirror you a**hole. You look the other way on Kasich and Cruz you sewer dweller.