Watch: Famous Actress and Activist Says She Was ‘Severely Shaken’ After Realizing Her Left-Wing ‘Comrades Were Naked Bigots’

Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr, who once ran for president as a Green Party candidate, described her ideological shift after discovering that those she used to consider left-wing colleagues were “naked bigots.”

Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem Monday on how to combat efforts to boycott Israel, Barr said, “Everything I’d ever believed about the left was severely shaken, and the scales began to fall from my eyes in many ways.”

“I had to admit that many of those I considered comrades were naked bigots who had absolutely no interest in peace between Israel and Palestinians Arabs at all as I did,” said Barr, who has become an outspoken advocate of Israel on social media.

“It was shocking to realize that what I considered criticism of Israel many, many times gave way to the garden variety anti-Semitism that I’d heard all of my life, which is basically the code-word ‘Rothschild’” Barr said, referring to the well-known banking family of Jewish origin often used in anti-Semitic memes . . .

She described American universities as “BDS factories” that are “anti-truth,” and blasted the common occurrence on U.S. campuses where pro-Palestinian activists try to shout down and silence speakers whose opinions they don’t like. (Read more from “Famous Actress and Activist Says She Was ‘Severely Shaken’ After Realizing Her Left-Wing ‘Comrades Were Naked Bigots'” HERE)

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  • 4freedom

    Sheesh it took her this long to figure it out.

  • Nam1

    This is an appropriate time to say “Better late then never”.

  • RedMeatState

    Her Damascus Road!!

  • Flayer

    Welcome aboard, Roseann! Once the scales fall,from your eyes in o e issue, you’ll continue to see the dark underbelly of fascism in most cause of the left.

  • Loretta

    Good for her to make this known. I’m sure her left wing bigots will make her life miserable

  • Kathy Adubato

    FINALLY she sees that Communism BREEDS HATE, anti-Semitism and ANTI-AMERICAN sentiment! OK DEMOCRATS—Open you Eyes America!!!!

  • greg stoddard

    Roseanne, now that you’ve had this epiphany, I hope you’ll begin to understand the folly of socialist doctrine and other wrong-headed agenda such as the global warming alarmists promote. I appreciate the prospect that your voice may help to remove the ‘scales’ from the eyes of, and expose the true bigots, most of which are leftists, but that same warped and ignorant thinking defines the real leftist agenda. One step at a time though I guess.

  • dennykray

    I’ve seen the light!
    I’ve seen the light!
    Thank God Almighty! I’ve seen the light!

  • Joey Smith

    It is easy to be a liberal, tough to be a conservative. If you are a conservative you are going to take a lot of “incoming” from cowardly liberals. Trump is excellent in exposing these bullies. More Trumps, please.