Glenn Beck Just Unloaded on Kasich – Here’s the Reason Why

After winning the Republican primary in his home state of Ohio Tuesday night, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich announced that he plans to stay the course. Glenn Beck had a few choice words for him.

“Kasich, I mean, excuse my language, but, you son of a bitch, the republic is at stake,” Beck said Wednesday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program. “This is not like a normal race. The republic is at stake.”

Continuing his criticism of Kasich, Beck, a top surrogate for Republican candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, argued that the Ohio governor is “delusional” if he thinks he can win. Additionally, he thinks the Ohio governor made his victory speech Tuesday night “about himself” instead of about the country . . .

Beck argued that as long as Kasich stays in the race, he essentially acts as a spoiler, effectively helping GOP contender Donald Trump, and if it’s between Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and Trump, a third-party candidate could emerge.

“If you put this together and it was an incredible third party, not establishment, an incredible third party, and said, ‘We’re not going to be the GOP anymore,’ I think you get a lot of independents voting for it,” Beck said. “Because the GOP, especially if the GOP throws their weight behind Donald Trump, if he wins the nomination and they throw their weight behind Donald Trump, it’s over.” (Read more from “Glenn Beck Just Unloaded on Kasich – Here’s the Reason Why” HERE)

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  • MikefromNC

    Beck’s choice of words was unfortunate, and he has apologized.

    But his point was dead on accurate. The only candidate who will beat Hillary is Cruz. More importantly, the only candidate who will work to restore us to a Constitutional Republic is Cruz. Trump doesn’t even know what that is. And Kasich is helping Trump.

    • leewacker

      No, thank you! Cruz, sadly, is kissing up to the establishment to save his sinking hide, and, frankly, I hope he does sink! There are still some primaries to go, and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top! Especially my home state of Arizona—I think, they might go Trump, though!

      • MikefromNC

        Right… You claim Cruz is “kissing up to the establishment”. That would be why they hate him so much I suppose.
        Sorta like how George Washington was kissing up to the British I guess.
        You really have a habit of just making up complete nonsense.

  • wandamurline

    Kaisch is being bank rolled by the RINOS …. he has taken over 207,000 dollars from George Soros

  • gracentruth

    Some time ago Glenn Beck went down a path that I could not tolerate. Cruz is ineligible – not a natural born citizen. Cruz knows it – Beck knows it. Isaiah 9:10.

    • SteveMacko

      Cruz is only ineligible to Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters. To everyone else in the country, however, Cruz is absolutely eligible.

      • ArmyCombatVet

        Wrong, nauseous face is not eligible and he knows it. His own mother never validated him as a US citizen born abroad as she never filed a CRBA when he was born with the local U.S. consulate or embassy as is required by US immigration law! Both parents were on the voter roles in Canada and the Cruzer never renounced his Canadian birth certificate making him a Canadian citizen, until 44 years after he was born and only when he decided to throw his hat in the ring in 2014! He is owned by Wall Street bankers, his wife is CFR and worked for Goldman Sachs who provided funding for his campaign. The TTP was a Cruz sign-on which could eliminate over 550,000 jobs in the U.S. and he is pro-amnesty except when he’s not! I supported him at one time until I realized what he was a…..snake, a term I’ve seen thrown about and some of the stuff he’s done explains the moniker some have used to describe him! On a more picky level I heard some people complain that they find his voice and his facial expressions annoying, whatever. I know I’m going to take crap from the idol worshipers on here and that’s fine. On their best day all they can do is throw stones at glass houses. Me I just dispense with the stone throwing, why bother, if need be I prefer to tear the house down! A much more satisfying conclusion!

      • leewacker

        Sorry, but it is becoming more and more abundantly evident that Cruz is NOT eligible! If he is, well and good, but I think he should submit evidence pertaining to his mother’s alleged ( either she did or she didn’t) vote as a CANDADIAN RESIDENT in various elections!

    • MikefromNC

      More “birther’ nonsense. Even Trump himself has dropped this garbage.

  • Linda

    Kaisch is simply a puppet in the hands of obama. obama is stirring up trouble so he can declare martial law & call off the election. He has other puppets like george sorass, the mayor of Chicago, the un rev al sharp-tongue & other ungodly people.

  • leewacker

    Kasich is acting as though he had won the entire schmear, and NEVER takes into consideration that HE is on the BOTTOM of the pile, and, from what I hear out of Ohio, there are those who feel he has sold out to the Soros bunch, and there might be evidence that voter fraud was there, too!