GOP Will Confirm Obama’s SCOTUS Pick

By Cheryl Chumley. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid tapped into tea party-type fears about the Republican leadership’s ability to stand fast in the face of President Obama’s storm of demands, and put out a Twitter message saying bluntly: Yes indeed, the GOP is already on its way to caving on Merrick Garland.

Garland was announced as Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court seat left vacant by Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden death.

He wrote: “Republicans are backing down so quickly that they’re already bargaining about what month they will fully cave and confirm Obama’s nominee,” Mediaite found.

And in another tweet just four minutes later, Reid wrote: “No question in my mind that Sen. McConnell will cave, and President Obama will fill this vacancy this year” . . .

On an MSNBC appearance with host Chris Matthews, Reid called the Republican Party’s attempt to hold off hearings on any Obama nomination to the court a “hurtful” move for the country. (Read more from “Harry Reid: GOP Will Confirm Obama’s SCOTUS Pick” HERE)


Prediction: Garland Will Be Confirmed

By Allahpundit. Crafty of O to wait until the morning after Trump’s backbreaking wins last night to stick McConnell with this. Now Senate Republicans will face maximum pressure from both sides.

If they cave and decide to give Garland a hearing after all, Republican voters who are still cool to Trump might decide to vote for him in a burst of “burn it all down” rage. A betrayal here hands Trump the nomination — assuming there’s any doubt that he’s already on track to win it. If, on the other hand, McConnell stands firm, he’s blowing an opportunity to confirm a nominee who’s likely to be more “moderate” than what President Hillary will offer next year. The conventional wisdom on Trump right now is that he’s a dead duck in the general election barring some sort of national crisis. I don’t agree with it, but it’s not out of left field: His favorable rating, for instance, is toxic and it’s an open question whether he could organize a national campaign capable of matching Hillary’s. If McConnell agrees with that CW, that Hillary’s a prohibitive favorite to win and that the backlash to Trump will hand Democrats the Senate, then refusing to confirm Garland now clears the path for Democrats to nominate and confirm a young hyper-liberal justice next year. Garland is already in his 60s and is no far-lefty; if Hillary wins big, liberals will insist that she exploit her mandate by engineering a new Warren Court. (Garland, ironically, clerked for the most liberal member of the Warren Court but he hasn’t followed the same trajectory as a judge.) So what do you do if you’re Mitch the Knife? Accept a quarter-loaf here by confirming a guy whose centrist credentials will be used to show just how unreasonable and obstructionist the GOP is in blocking him? Or risk having no loaf at all when Democrats win this fall and ram through whoever they want? (Read more from this story HERE)

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  • dranalog

    I assumed that they would cave. The Republicans are spineless wimps. They will lose control of Congress. Go along to get along, that is the Republican party. I have stopped sending money to the RNC some time ago because they have shown me nothing. I’m not necessarily a big Trump fan, but right now he is head and shoulders better than any other Republican or Democrat (communist). As for Democrats, I would not even consider them Americans. They would fit better in Venezuela or Cuba. We are so screwed.

    • Paul

      I agree. The Republican party is slowly showing their true colors. They can’t figure out why so many people are supporting Trump and not your typical politician. I, too, don’t think much of Trump other then he’d be great to get our economy going but given the choices we have – Go Trump!
      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again – the true enemy of the American people IS our own government. Until such a time that we the people stand up and reduce the Feds size by 50%, restore power back to the States, there is no hope for us.

      • dennykray

        It is our right-it is our DUTY-to replace this government.

  • vaquerobob

    IF they cave they might as well each go find a CAVE to hide in. They will be slitting their own political throats and ending their political futures IF they fail to stand against the sitting fraud in the White House.

    • Marine68

      It looks more and more like the seeds of Revoluiton are being Sown, and every Patriot worth his and her Salt will be on its path.

    • Poppo

      They have been caving on every important issue for the past 20 years!

  • CSN

    This may be wishful thinking in Harry Reid’s part, and others. We need to contact our Representative especially Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. You can contact them by phone in D.C. or by email from their online sites. No action on the people’s part will allow them to cave.

    • Poppo

      And nothing the people do will keep them from caving. They quit listening to us long ago.
      You write a letter expressing your desires, they write back stating that they will give consideration to your ideas, then state what their intentions are “for the good of the people of the state of XX or the people of America”

      • CSN

        If you burn the wires off their phone lines through calling them, and badgering them, they just may listen. It is easier to say and do nothing, but that is how evil triumphs in this world.

        • Poppo

          We, the people, pay for their staff who field these calls (or just let them ring). The “representatives” of the people probably haven’t answered a ringing phone in their office in years. If we manage to make enough calls, they will add another line and another couple aides to answer the phone….At our expense, of course.

  • Poppo

    Moderate Garland is for gun control.
    Goodbye 2nd Amendment.
    We have way too many wimpy “Republicans” that will bend to the will of the press, the media, Obama, or the Democrats. If Mitch allows a vote, Garland will be confirmed.
    That will foment an even worse revolution within the Republican Party.
    I am not sure that the Republican Party can be a factor ever again unless they are very careful this election year.

    • thomacx

      Or hello higher usage of guns for the true reason we have the 2nd Amendment.

    • Bob2002

      Poppo, Garland is not a moderate; actually, he is a bleeding heart liberal. Obama, the media, and the Democrat Party, are propagandizing us with this crap, so do not fall for it. Garland is, in addition to being against the 2nd Amendment, for abortion on demand even into the 9th month of pregnancy. Yes, there are so many RINOs in the Senate that will “go along, to get along” and will vote yes for anything the Democrats put up for a vote. If Mitch (turtle head) McConnell allows a vote to confirm Garland (as Harry Reid says), there will be riots throughout the United States because most Republicans are fed up with the Republican leadership and this would be the final straw.

      • Poppo

        I really should have put Quotation marks around the word “Moderate”.
        By the liberal press’s definition, a moderate is someone who supports abortion, gay marriage, bigger government, more taxes, amnesty, and gun control but opposes paying Social Security to those who paid SS taxes for 45 or 50 years on the promise that the money would be kept separate from general funds and that the pension it created would be non taxable.

  • Nels

    This is the party that has had the House for 16 of the last 20 years, yet has chosen to fund every unconstitutional program that the “opposition” could dream up. It’s not 0bammy-care now, it’s Boner-care: the Republicans own it, because they have chosen to fund it, year after year.
    Remember, the House can refuse to fund _anything_, and there is nothing the President, the Senate or the courts can do about it. Once the Republicans had the House, nothing could be done without their approval – and they have approved it all.
    Now the Republican Senate is going to cave? No surprise. They are on the same side as 0bammy, and that’s not our side.
    If the Senate caves, I will vote Democrat, for the first time in my life, for every national office except president. The GOPe has established that Trump isn’t a real Republican, so I’ll make an exception for him.

    • Poppo

      I will never vote Democratic. Period! (And I don’t think you will either).

  • Marine68

    They are not spineless; they are traitors that believe their Military can save them, that makes them fools as well.

  • duncmck

    trump dead duck in general election ?? what?? the people who would be suffering cognitive dissonance also believe 2+2= pink . another reason to let it burn.if they shut down the vast population voting for trump.the civil war that has already begun will escalate greatly.third party already awaits to be occupied by rational EX- democrats and republicans.

  • 4570

    GIVE THE [pissed off segment of] THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THE OPPORTUNITY and Trump will blow the old psychedelic relic Hillary right out of the water.

  • fed up

    The Democrats will not win, therefore it is not likely that confirming this so called moderate is better than what Hillery would pick. More hypo-propagands. Hopefully the GOP will stand their ground.