Herman Cain Issues Massive Announcement About Donald Trump

In a Wednesday appearance on Fox News, former GOP presidential candidate and Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain said he would support Donald Trump were he to win the GOP nomination.

In the interview on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Cain also said that those in the party establishment vowing to torpedo Trump’s campaign were he to be nominated were “insane and irresponsible.”

“I think they ought to stand back and get over it,” Cain said of the party establishment threatening to go nuclear on Trump. “Support whoever the nominee is, is what the mantra ought to be for the Republicans.”

Cain saved his greatest scorn for Mitt Romney, whose negative statements about Trump’s tax returns have caused controversy and division even among party members. Cain called Romney’s statement a “grenade” and said all he did was provide fodder for liberals.

As for the establishment’s take on Trump, Cain noted that a lot of GOP insiders thought that Trump would “flame out.” (Read more from “Herman Cain Issues Massive Announcement About Donald Trump” HERE)

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  • gracentruth

    I supported Herman Cain. He should not have dropped out of race, but that is water under the bridge. I am glad that he made a statement of solidarity for Donald Trump. Rubio and Cruz are both ineligible per U.S. constitution and if someone does not go to court now, the demomarxists will – and thus win the election. End the establishment – especially murcow$shit. Vote for libertarian Cean Stevens. Peace,

  • greg stoddard

    I’d rather have Cruz be Pres..but I’m willing to gamble on Trump..Looks like Romney finally proved beyond any doubt to be an establishment crowney lap dog for the corrupted element of the GOP..go away Romney, take Rubio with you!

    • MikefromNC

      Amen, regarding Cruz!

      As far as “gambling” on Trump; I’m not sure I can go there. He will be a disaster. I don’t know that I can vote for a lying tyrant, regardless of which team they play for. I still have to look in the mirror every day and I have to be able to look my children in the eye and not be ashamed.

      i think I’d rather have my integrity intact with Tyrant A in charge than to lose my integrity so that Tyrant B can be in charge.

      I pray that i never have to face that decision. If people will wake up and realize the opportunity that is in Cruz none of it will have to happen.

      • Nels

        “ I don’t know that I can vote for a lying tyrant … ”
        That rules out Cruz, for sure. We know what he’s about.
        Trump _might_ not be a lying tyrant. The others are sure things.

      • CSN

        You’re repeating what Biden said…you Democratic?

        • MikefromNC

          I didn’t realize that Biden supported Cruz.
          You got any working brain cells?

      • KDC

        Cruz is an elitist insider. AND he’s ineligible. He and his Goldman Sach/CFR wife are globalist insiders with deep ties to the Bushes.
        Cruz is a globalist insider He’s their man. Ted wants to be the first prez of the NAU.

        • MikefromNC

          AND you’re a tinfoil hat wearing nutjob.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well you can forget about Mitt Romney. He is just paying his debt to the political power brokers that financed Mitt’s campaign for President. The trouble Is that Mitt listened to these power brokers instead of the party members and Mitt loss. Well he is doing the same thing now. Perhaps he thinks that this might allow him to run as a Third Party candidate or perhaps as an independent. Either way he has thrown away any chance he may have had to run for and be elected to any Federal office again. This whole ruckus is caused by the leaders of the Republican Party wanted to continue saying who will be the Republican Candidate for elective office. They use this as a way to make the elected official bend to whatever the leaders want and the Party members and voters be dammed. The party leaders are a bunch of ass kissing idiots that hide behind Political Correctness and diversity to justify their caving in on demands from any damn group in order to try and get their votes so that they can remain in power. Well if they win and Trump does not get the nomination we will have the same kind of ass kissing do nothing, kick the can down the road, kiss Iran’s ass government we have now. Seniors will have their Social Security cut again and pay more for their mandated Medicare while the lazy do nothing that live off of hands out will get more of the Health care paid for.

    The Republican power brokers know that if Trump wins their dominance of saying who the candidate will be is over and the candidates know that if Trump wins they too will have to actually take a stance on the issues and this scares the hell out of them both. They do not want to commit to anything so that they don’t “OFFEND” any one causing them not to vote for them. Thus once elected they don’t give a damn about any group or any voter. They are interested only in remaining in power. So you have been hollowing about this for years and this time you will have a rare chance to actually do something about. it.

    Now the media just loves this and makes it worst by adding little negative adjectives to their reporting. Adjectives about republican like NASTY NAME calling, or Trump was BULLYING his opponents . We all know how bias the media is against the Republicans anyway. Well now they have a win win situation. They can and do blast the Republicans and get what they consider a lead story for at least a month.

    • KDC

      Mitt is part of the same team. He’s a sellout to the people. He’s an elitist, corrupt globalist.

      • Dowhatsrigh

        Mitt was for Trump, but the power brokers wanted to stop Trump so they called due the political debt that Mitt owed the power brokers of the GOP. They supported him when he ran so now he has to pay them back. That is why he spoke against Trump.

  • dennykray

    It looks like the progressives that have infiltrated the republican party are now starting to make themselves known. There are a lot more of them than people realize-probably a majority by now.

  • Linda

    In the Old Testament God used a a$$ to warn someone, perhaps He is using another one to get this nation back on track. He certainly did NOT get my vote.