Huge: Here’s Who GOP Donors Are Pushing to Run an Independent Campaign

A group of Republican donors and strategists has been working to persuade former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to make an independent bid for president, according to a memo outlining the plan obtained by POLITICO Florida.

The group has grown increasingly dissatisfied with New York billionaire Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner who has roiled the party’s establishment as he has surged ahead in the polls.

“The reality of the the matter is that we will have President Trump or President Clinton — if we don’t have President Rice,” read the memo, which was written by Joel Searby, a consultant with Florida-based GOP firm Data Targeting.

POLITICO reported last month about a memo that a group of donors was working on with Data Targeting to look at the viability of a third-party run amid Trump’s ascent. The newest memo, sent Thursday, is an update on the firm’s work.

“We have been in touch with Dr. Rice through her chief of staff,” read the plan, which is stamped “confidential.” “She is reluctant at this stage. We are asking for anyone wanting to assist to encourage her to run.” (Read more from “Huge: Here’s Who GOP Donors Are Pushing to Run an Independent Campaign” HERE)

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  • Dowhatsrigh

    If they do this they will guarantee the democrats a victory and things will get worst than the ever was. In fact it could cause a real revolution.

  • Bill Meeker

    They already HAVE the solution. Announce that Rubio will drop out and join Cruz on a Cruz/Rubio ticket. That should defeat Trump handily and guarantee a win for the Dems but then it’s only about defeating Trump and keeping the power in Washington, right?

    • wandamurline

      Rubio is a RINO….no way does he need to be the VP….he has stabbed the conservatives who sent him to Washington in the back.

      • Bob Trower

        You would know a RINO from a HIPPO.

  • wandamurline

    If the Republican establishment screws up this presidency, I will work to deseat every one of these RINOS.

  • Russ

    Even though I believe Rice was a great SOS it doesn’t mean she would be stupid enough to try this trick. It is getting to point that the Establishment will throw as much crap against the wall as they can to see if any will stick. They are totally pathetic and all of them need to be replaced.
    TRUMP 2016!!! Don’t like it? Tough sh-t!!!!

  • Marc Goldstone

    Cruz and Rubio are ineligible as their fathers were not US Citizens at the time of his birth. The GOP wants another usurper so that they can blackmail him with impeachment if he doesn’t promote the globalist agenda. Go Trump Go!

    • Bob Trower

      Don’t you suppose that there are other people in higher places that know more about Cruz and Rubio that know more about it than you? It already has been proven over and over that they are both eligible.

      • carlosperdue

        Proven? Not. They are both ineligible

        • Bob Trower

          Nuts, nuts and more nuts. you know nothing.

          • carlosperdue

            No matter how many times you claim it’s “proven” with no evidence, it remains false. Your dopey ad hominem is also ineffective. You’re the one who knows nothing. You claim it’s proven, no reasoning, no facts.

          • Bob Trower

            PROVE that Cruz and Rubio are ineligible. Don’t you think they are smart enough to know better?

          • carlosperdue

            You’re the big mouth who wait it was proven. I don’t think you’re smart enough to know who’s smart enough, or to understand their arguments.

          • Bob Trower

            You are just too stupid to argue with. I am sure Bernie will appreciate your vote.

          • carlosperdue

            You’re the genius who evades the actual issues. Do you actually know anything other than “so and so is a genius, therefore I’m right”? There is no way to argue with that.

  • Richard Hennessy

    What an incredible stupid idea!! It appears that the Republican establishment is intent on political suicide. Republicans already have a candidate that conservatives can get behind when Rubio does the sensible thing and drops out–Ted Cruz. Oops, I forget the Washington establishment, apparently including Republicans, would rather have Clinton than a true conservative. Rice would have been a good candidate, but she didn’t enter the Republican contest for Presidential nominee.

  • Linda

    Condi is a great person, but, it would be better for Cruz to pick her for his VP.

  • MASR53

    Oh please NO!

  • carlosperdue

    Brought to you by the same jackballs who wanted to draft Gen. Colon Bowel, if that is indeed his real name.

    Haven’t we had enough too-smart-by-half neo”cons”?