In Secret Meeting, Conservative and GOP Operatives Made Plot to Do This to Trump

A third-party candidate, well known to the conservative movement, might be a viable option for stopping Republican front-runner Donald Trump, conservative activists and Republican Party operatives determined in a meeting early Thursday.

The meeting was reported by the Washington Post, which quoted Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) saying he’s “worried about the kind of damage that Trump could cause to our party.”

“It’s certainly not too late,” Franks said as he left the breakfast held at the Army and Navy Club in Washington. “You could get another party on the ballot. If you did that, you’d need a movement conservative to be the candidate” . . .

Others in the meeting told the Post a third party poses logistic and financial problems. The consensus was that the best way to stop Trump was to unite behind Cruz in the remaining primary and caucus states. (Read more from “In Secret Meeting, Conservative and GOP Operatives Made Plot to Do This to Trump” HERE)

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  • CountryBoy

    A 3rd Party candidate ENSURES a Hillary Victory….

    The Establishment COULD back Cruz…. a TRUE Conservative… but NO

    This is how SICK the Establishment is….

    • Richard Long

      I hope Cruz and the Trump hating Cruz supporters are smart enough to not fall for this. Never trust the establishment Republicans. They are the reason we are in this mess. They refuse to grow a pair because they are corrupt, socialist lite, instead of totally socialist, like the Demoncrats.

      • Bob2002

        Richard if you and I can see this, why can not the Establishment freaks? They must know they are destroying any chances of them taking the presidency. They evidently do not care because Paul Ryan and Mitch (turtle head) McConnell have high paying jobs and all they are interested in is keeping their positions. The Establishment from both parties are the same; a bunch of socialists/communists who love Muslims.

  • gracentruth

    The only reason the republican-marxist establishment would back Cruz is because they know he is ineligible under U.S. constitution – not natural born citizen. When his name is on the ballot, demomarxists would take him to court and get his name off ballot. Then either Hillary or one of the minor party’s name would be only choices. Think about it??? Peace,

  • CSN

    Trump is getting hit from all sides. All hell is breaking loose because Agenda 21 Crowd have been squashed and they’ve been the man behind curtain for some time. This group are in the CFR, H1b Visa advocates, and, most importantly, the Central Bankers…the men who control the money, control the nation (Rothschild’s own words).
    Now the Anonymous Hackers, which is probably a front from the same people, are claiming that they will shut Trump down..
    His staffers are getting threats and now his own children are getting threats. If Trump can’t win against Hillary, then why all the secret meetings and intense badgering.
    Pray for a good outcome in this election and for safety for all running, but pray for our leaders that they will be God fearing men who bend to the Divine Will in all matters.