Islamic NATO Commander? In Email to Hillary, He Used Muslim Religious Term

James Stavridis, who led the 2011 intervention in Libya as NATO’s 16th Supreme Allied Commander, used unusual terminology to express his hope that the United Arab Emirates would step up its involvement in the Libya war.

In an email forwarded to Hillary Clinton’s private server, Stavridis discussed a mission change that would put U.S. bombs on UAE aircraft for strikes in Libya.

“As to how long … inshallah, soon,” wrote Stravridis, a retired U.S. Navy admiral . . .

Stravridis was replying to an email sent from one of Clinton’s top deputies, Jake Sullivan, to Ivo H. Daalder, the U.S. Permanent Representative on the NATO Council.

“Any way to get the UAE suggestion that they will contribute aircraft for strike missions firmed up and announced by the SYG?” Sullivan asked. (Read more from “Islamic NATO Commander? In Email to Hillary, He Used Muslim Religious Term” HERE)

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    Just makes you want to go spit and make this idiot called Shrillary choke up all her transgressions……the dipwads that support this ditzy weasel will rationalize any subversion she created……

  • Wm Reed

    It proves she had first hand knowledge as to what was about to happen in Libya. It proves that the Arab Spring in Libya was not caused by a California man making an anti-muslim video. It is enough evidence to jail any normal American. Teflon Hillary will probably suffer little for it though.

    • Naturalism

      You’re confusing your conspiracy theories, Reed.

      The Arab Spring started famously when a guy set himself on fire because his business was stymied by the corrupt political environment. The Californian anti-Muslim video was one factor in the lead-up to the Benghazi snafu.

      And also, I don’t really get this article. Can you explain what is supposed to be sinister about it? They were discussing a military mission. So… what? What’s the rub?

  • Naturalism

    Wow. Her emails are a lot more interesting than mine.