Justice Department Grants Immunity to Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Technician

Hillary Clinton’s email server technician is finally talking.

The Washington Post is reporting that the Department of Justice granted immunity to Bryan Pagliano in exchange for his cooperation with the FBI’s investigation into whether classified information was mishandled on Clinton’s private email server.

As one Justice Department put it to The Post: “There was wrongdoing. But was it criminal wrongdoing?”

Pagliano may hold the key to that question. The IT director on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, Pagliano was hired as deputy chief information officer at the State Department in May 2009. Part of his job there was to manage Clinton’s server, which hosted her personal email address and was kept at her home in New York . . .

The New York Times reported Wednesday that FBI investigators have already interviewed Pagliano, who in December was reported to be the focus of the agency’s probe. The paper also reported that Clinton herself could be interviewed within weeks and that the investigation could be wrapped up by May. (Read more from “Justice Department Grants Immunity to Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Technician” HERE)

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  • 4freedom

    Bryan better hire extra security, wouldn’t want to commit suicide with a two gunshots to the back of the head.

    • Kent2012

      and the body was found wrapped in logging chains and dumped in the canal….worst case of log chain theft and suicide ever recorded in the DC area..

  • Nels

    If you or I had done what she did, would the FBI ask “But was it criminal wrongdoing?” Would they keep on asking that for many months?

  • ArmyCombatVet

    Possibly the greatest collective acts of treason in our nation’s history and the justice department hasn’t issued an indictment yet? They are still interviewing, really! So let me be clear, you catch a murderer with a smoking gun in his hand standing over a dead victim and want to question someone to see if he was the shooter? What is wrong with this country anymore. This is one of if not the greatest act of treason in American history and it went on for God knows how long. It wasn’t an accidental mistake, it was premeditated treason which among other things outed all of our CIA agents around the world! Enough with the BS investigation already, the evidence is overwhelming, it demands the death penalty! I never thought I’d say this but America is truly DEAD!

    • Daddy Kickass

      Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, AMEN!!!

      • ArmyCombatVet

        Thanks brother, there is only one truth, the commies can twist it anyway they want, but that dog don’t hunt!

  • Daddy Kickass

    Put the cuffs on the b*tch and send her to the Grey House. How much evidence do you need already? Maybe this is just a ploy shift to allow her to walk.

  • Bob Trower

    You watch. They will give immunity to Hillary too. Then appoint and crown her queen. Nothing will come of her criminal ways. She is a Clinton.