The Many, Many Reasons Republican Senators Can’t Stand Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz might be the only thing standing between Donald Trump and the Republican presidential nomination, but he only has a single endorsement from a fellow senator — and few colleagues who will even say a nice thing about him in the hallway.

Bob Corker of Tennessee, for example, when asked this week if he considered Cruz a friend, paused for several seconds before eventually replying that Cruz was “an acquaintance.”

Here are some of the biggest moments when Cruz angered the Republican establishment:

Within weeks of being sworn in, Cruz questioned whether Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam-era war hero and former Republican senator from Nebraska up for confirmation as defense secretary, might have been paid off by the North Korean or Saudi governments. Democrats pounced, with some labeling Cruz’s line of questioning a McCarthyite smear. Many Republicans cringed. Cruz would later write in his book that naming North Korea was a tactical error.

In 2013, Cruz took a position as a vice chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the political arm of Senate Republicans aimed at protecting incumbents and expanding the GOP ranks. But Cruz wasn’t particularly active with the NRSC, and stopped participating after the NRSC aggressively protected incumbents in primaries — including Thad Cochran in Mississippi and McConnell in Kentucky. If there’s one thing senators notice, it’s when their fellow senators don’t have their backs.

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  • MikefromNC

    This may be the best reason of all to vote for Cruz

    We don’t need another good ol’ boy just watching the backs of their fellow Senators. He has the character and the courage to stand up and say what needs to be said – straight to their faces.

    In other words, he’s actually done what the voters claim they want done. No surprise that Mike Lee endorsed him, since Lee is the only other Senator with a pair.

    CRUZ 2016!!!

    • raynbene

      AMEN !

  • wandamurline

    Goes to show that Cruz went to Washington to represent the people of Texas and America, not make friends with the RINOS like Rubio. He is an outsider because he is not part nor does he want to be part of the establishment…..I think it is time to start cleaning out the cesspool of establishment in Washington, so the sewer does not stay backed up. If they have served more than two terms as a Senator, it is time for a replacement…..term limits would be a good thing because then we would not have people making a lifetime position sucking the American tax payer dry while making deals with big corporations to fill their back pockets while they are selling off America….yes, Trump is on top because the American citizen is fed up and angry as hell at the way the gubment has been run for the last 30 years.

  • CountryBoy

    Let’s be clear…. Thad Cochran used Democrat Tactics and enlisted Democrats to vote for him in his Republican Primary and barely won….. and Mitch McConnell had sided with Democrats MORE than he did with Conservatives….and this was AFTER the Tea Party gave the Senate to Republicans…. McConnell and his ilk fought AGAINST the People and the newly elected Conservatives and stabbed us in the back……..

  • Nels

    Cruz is a jerk who has angered his fellow internationalists. They hate him because he’s a jerk, even though he is one of them. Nobody likes him because he’s unlikeable. He’s married to an internationalist bankster who contributed an approving comment to a Council on Foreign Relations paper advocating for the North American Union.
    Calgary Cruz is still one of them, and they’ll support him if they must, because whatever crap he talks, they know he’ll never prosecute a fellow insider like Hillary or Lerner or Holder or any of their Republican equivalents. Trump scares the insiders, Cruz included, because Trump might well prosecute any or all of them.

  • Paul

    I do like Cruz but his recent political activities really turned me off. He is not able to beat Trump on the issues and instead of staying on track he decided to bash Trump. That is a typical Democraps tactic – if you can’t outsmart the top dog then bash them. Sorry Cruz, you lost my support when you tried to be like Trump instead of just being yourself.
    The reason I support Trump is purely to rebel against ALL politicians and our government. They only value the people during election and ignore us after they are elected. As far as I am concerned, Trump can’t do any worse than the rest of the elected losers. Go Trump!

    • dennykray

      We have the right-We have the duty-to replace this government.

  • Splinter Cell

    The Trumpsters are politically illiterate and ignorant. The only one in the race that fought both the right and the left in Washington, D.C is Ted Cruz. Prior to his election as senator, he was fighting in the Supreme Court to protect conservative Christians and the 2nd Amendment at the same time Trump was dishing out tends of thousands of dollars to elect Clinton and other Democrats! He holds a 97% conservative rating, Trump is not in that list! So if you are genuinely looking for someone to represent the people not political ideology, Cruz is that guy!
    I hope Rubio’s people join the Cruz team to fight against these GOP intruders!