Watch: Megyn Kelly Admits Media Bias Against Cruz

After months of blatant media bias giving Donald Trump tons of air time, and seemingly being Pro-Marco Rubio (when it comes to Fox News), Megyn Kelly had a stunning revelation Tuesday night.

The Fox News anchor admitted that Cruz does not get fair media coverage either in coverage time or advocates.

Watch here:

Kelly assigns the blame to Cruz’s reputation in the Senate which hasn’t earned him as much support from his colleagues. Cruz argues that’s a good thing, and it looks as if the American people agree. Cruz outperformed expectations on Super Tuesday polling well in many southern states and notching wins in Texas and Oklahoma. (For more from the author of “Megyn Kelly Admits Media Bias Against Cruz” please click HERE)

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  • Daninfla6th

    Well, No sheet Sherlock!
    Roger and Rupert have their talking heads calling Ted Cruz “Cruz” but The Donald is always referred to as “MISTER” Trump.
    Today, the new girl on the morning FOX show actually called Herman Cain “Mister” Cain. That is at least one class individual as opposed to all the other lackeys like Smith, Cavuto and O’Reilly.

  • rancher0285

    Fox ratings have tanked. Is she seeing the light or feeling the heat?

    • Sheilaomercado3

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  • Paul

    It has become obvious Fox does not support Trump or Cruz and supports Rubio. They should remain neutral and follow what the people supports. That is too bad since all other media outlets are corrupt and can’t be trusted. Fox was the last media that I had a little respect for. I’ll be spending more time watching One American News Network now.

  • wandamurline

    Fox has become MSNBC. NBC, ABC, CBS…..they have become worthless and this is why the American people are beginning to stop watching them….we get our REAL news from the internet.

  • CaptTurbo

    My Primary vote went to Cruz.