Michelle Obama’s Floral Outfits Cost 23 Times Average Annual Salary in Cuba

The two floral dresses that first lady Michelle Obama sported in Cuba this week would not be affordable for the wide majority of individuals living in the repressive country.

US Weekly recently spotlighted two outfits that Obama wore during appearances in Havana on Sunday and Monday that, according to a Free Beacon analysis, together cost more than 23 times the average annual state salary in Cuba recorded in 2014.

When the president and his family landed in Cuba Sunday, the first lady descended Air Force One wearing a sleeveless, rose-print dress made by designer Carolina Herrera. The dress is currently sold for $2,190 at Bergdorf Goodman, an upscale department store.

Later, on Monday evening, Obama dressed in a floral, knee-length dress from designer Naeem Khan to attend the state dinner at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana, Cuba. A similar frock from Naeem Khan, a Barack Obama donor, available in the designer’s pre-fall 2016 collection costs $4,490. (Read more from “Michelle Obama’s Floral Outfits Cost 23 Times Average Annual Salary in Cuba” HERE)

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  • wandamurline

    Yes, and guess who paid for them? It damn sure was not the rug rats in the White House, it was the tax payers….these people do not pay for anything they purchase….they charge it to us “little people” who are trying to make ends meet month to month. Again, I want to thank all of you imbecilic morons who voted to allow these two teet suckers to stay another four years.

  • ArmyCombatVet

    So Michael was cross-dressing again in front of Cubans no less. No wonder they think our White House is occupied by circus clowns!