MISSING LINK Between Republican Party and Muslim Brotherhood Found

Something… or someone… has kept the Republican Party establishment neutered on the issues of fighting Islamic infiltration and/or pushing back against the Barack Obama administration. There is one Muslim man who is connected to both Bush presidencies and at least two highly suspect Obama colleagues the John McCain campaign refused to go after in 2008. He provides the key to understanding why the Republican establishment protects the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

His name is Talat Othman and the two men he is connected to – besides George H.W. and George W. Bush – are Rashid Khalidi and Tony Rezko. Othman received an award from Khalidi’s boss, Yasser Arafat in 1997 for Othman’s contributions and support for the Palestinians. Othman is also credited with founding the Islamic Cultural Center of Chicago.

In early 2015, the Center for Security Policy published an exhaustive dossier of more than 100 pages that detailed Americans for Tax Reform Founder, Grover Norquist’s embrace of Muslim Brotherhood-connected individuals and the subsequent influence these individuals gained inside America’s power centers, at great peril to national security. Conspicuously absent from the CSP dossier is even one mention of Othman.

In Chicago, Muslim American Othman served as Treasurer of the American Task Force on Palestine with former PLO member and Barack Obama friend Rashid Khalidi, who was the ATFP’s Vice President. Othman is also credited with introducing convicted Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko to Illinois state politics. Othman’s career involves a stint as chairman of the terrorist-tied Islamic Free Market Institute (Islamic Institute) founded by Grover Norquist. For approximately three years in the late 1980’s and 1990, Othman sat on the Board of Harken Energy with George W. Bush and began consulting with then President George H.W. Bush in the Oval Office on the issue of Iraq and larger Middle East policy beginning in August of 1990.

According to the opening paragraphs of a 1991 Wall Street Journal article:

Two years ago (1989), Talat Othman didn’t have the president’s ear. But since August 1990, the Palestinian-born Chicago investor has attended three White House meetings with President Bush to discuss Middle East policy.

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  • Bierstadt

    The Republican establishment is proving itself to be ant-American more and more each day. We already knew that about the Dems.

  • William Hodges

    Why is Al-Walweed Bin Talal being conveniently omitted? He is much more involved in this situation than Talat Othman.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Truth is NOT ALLOWED to be uttered!

  • vaquerobob

    THIS link MUST be the reason stupid or gullible Bush went on TV right after 9/11 and proclaimed islam to be a “religion of peace”. This blatant LIE provided much needed cover for our enemies. Useful IDIOT???

    • Sam Hain

      The same reason after 9/11 Bush went after a basically secular leader in the middle east (Sadaam) instead of the actual sponsors of terrorism (Saudi’s)

  • Linda

    JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY HOPE FOR AMERICA ! WE HAD BETTER HUMBLE OURSELVES , TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS & PRAY. EVERY NATION THAT FORGETS GOD WILL BE TURNED INTO HELL. Have we forgotten Him ? How about when He was cast out of schools, 60 million innocent babies murdered, promoting sodomy & electing a demon possessed, allah worshiping president, not once but twice ?

  • alogar

    I don’t believe one word of this article.

  • Paul

    Joe Miller, I am afraid you are just hitting the tip of the iceberg, my friend. If the truth be really known, they have infiltrated many branches of our government along with their claws in many parts of our nation. They are deeply embedded in our nation. As I’ve said it many times in the past, it is part of the never ending world conquest that humanity has faced many times in our past history. Today is no different than our past except we can better destroy ourselves. You don’t have to believe me; just look at the history or humanity. Nothing has changed.

  • PartyPounder

    It’s not inappropriate for a President to have muslims on staff because SOMEBODY in each branch of USA Gov’t needs to keep up with the details of the never-ending “demands” of current islamic states, islamic groups, imams and ayatollahs. Do you think any of the Presidential “candidates” is at all connected with islam such that they can form effective policy to defend us from islam’s sectarian hatred that’s been going on for over 1300 years? And now spills over to Western nations?

    Bush was mostly illiterate, and naive enough to think a violent intervention of infidels could somehow “fix” the Middle East. The Brits tried it for 38 years, the Russians have tried it multiple times, and even the meanest mofos in history – the Ottoman Turks – couldn’t tame the tribal /sectarian violence in Arabic islamist territories. it is going to have to come from within.

    So whomever wins the November 2016 auction for President should indeed have ready access to those who know whazzup with islamist extremists, and that means communicating with the likes of the muslim brotherhood and other terrorist groups through whatever backchannels are available.

  • Sam Hain

    Muslim immigration is a nightmare. This needs to be stopped. Trump is the only candidate even talking about it.
    TRUMP 2016 !