Banking On a Brokered Convention, Mitt Romney Is Hitting the Campaign Trail With This GOP Candidate

By Hallie Jackson. Mitt Romney will campaign with John Kasich Monday at two stops in Ohio, NBC News has learned from a source familiar with the plans.

Romney is not expected to endorse the Ohio governor during the campaign swing, the source said, but it will be the first time Romney has campaigned on behalf of a Republican candidate this cycle.

It’s a significant move for the former Republican nominee, who previously recorded campaign telephone “robocalls” for Kasich as well as Marco Rubio.

Earlier this month, at a speech in Utah, Romney lambasted frontrunner Donald Trump as a “fraud” and warned of the dangers to the Republican Party if Trump were the nominee. (Read more from “Mitt Romney Is Hitting the Campaign Trail With This GOP Candidate” HERE)


Father of Son Murdered by Illegal: Pro-Amnesty John Kasich, Marco Rubio Should Be Tried for ‘Treason’

By Julia Hahn. “How much of this do we have to take?” Dan Golvach asked about the Republican Party’s longstanding refusal to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

Golvach—whose 25-year-old son Spencer was stopped at a traffic light when an illegal alien pulled up next to him and shot him in the head—explains that the reason he now backs Donald Trump for President is because of holidays spent at the cemetery, and the image of his “child’s deflated head in a casket” burned into his mind.

“Losing a child,” Golvach explains, is something one never really gets “acclimated to. I can tell you that it’s a very dark place of despair.”

And your life is ruined. [Golvach pauses] It’s just ruined. Trust me. Everything is damaged. Nothing has the same meaning anymore. There is no real joy in life. You just go through the motions because you’re not suicidal, and you just do things, but your life will never be particularly joyous again … Once this happens you’re going to have a very marginalized life at best. And thank you, United States government. I thought their first mandate was to protect us, but they’re just protecting their donors— and it’s treason.

(Read more from “Father of Son Murdered by Illegal: Pro-Amnesty John Kasich, Marco Rubio Should Be Tried for ‘Treason'” HERE)

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  • Mobties

    Big surprise

  • CaptTurbo

    Go stuff it Mitt. I’m done with you.

  • Old_Conservative

    Romney is now and always was, a loser. He gave away the last election, just as did Senator McCain. They both belong to the socialist wing of the Republican party (what used to be known as the Rockefeller Republicans)…and they are big government believers as are the Communist Democrats. Not much different, except the party name. Neither are pro-Constitution or pro-America. Our choices are simple…. Sanders is a Communist (highly praised by them), Clinton is a Communist (highly praised as well), Kasich belongs to the group that will accept where we are and make the best of it he can but change little, Rubio is pro-amnesty and will not clean house like it should be, and Trump is a wild-card…leaning too far left for me in the past. Cruz is the only viable choice for God fearing, pro Constitutional Free market Americans. He does what he promises and stands up for what he believes. Should he win election, both parties will oppose everything he does. That tells me he is right for America, and I for one stand with him.

    • Interestedintruth

      Cruz is not eligible. He’s starting out against the Constitution by even claiming his eligibility. Cruz is the one who will assure a brokered convention and then the party will kick him out due to eligibility problem and in comes Romney to save the day. LOL

      • Old_Conservative

        Strange…Obama wasn’t eligible and spent millions to lock all his records to avoid the truth, but that didn’t seem to bother the Democrat party and half the Republicans either! A lie, repeated often, sometimes becomes some peoples truth!

      • Nels

        Cruz hasn’t even established that he is a citizen at all, let alone that he is natural born. Perhaps the constitution that he’s reading is the one his wife helped draft for the North American Union – the new, merged-with-Mexico country that the internationalist donor-class billionaires want to use to destroy America and impoverish Americans.

        • ArmyCombatVet

          If you write the truth about Cruz who is a backstabbing coward you get attacked by the lemmings that are buying into this fraud! I don’t care what the lemmings say about the current fraud in the former White House, he is a heinous felon. These mutants like to also bring up a couple of questionably elected Presidents over 100 years ago. They are nothing but low life mental patients. In their distorted America hating minds, if you rob a bank and get away with it, it’s alright for anybody else to do the same. Laws get broken but they are still laws and two wrongs don’t make a right! Cruz is simply not eligible and stated such to a group of people on Dec. 7, 2013! Romney is a milk toast coward, a spineless quitter and a pawn for the criminal former GOP, categorically now a communist disinformation agency in the tank for the commie Democrat party. They supply losers like Sanders to compete against a felon like the massive criminal clinton! Kasich is owned by the illegal aliens and is big on amnesty. A total loser and a lousy Governor!

          They are all afraid of Trump because he doesn’t need them and will do what he says, clean house, solve the border problem, rebuild the military to the most powerful in the world, deal with the illegal alien problem and bring jobs back to America! No other candidate comes close, all they do is attack Trump because they can’t compete against a real man! The American people are sick and tired of politicians. Low life, self-dealing, oath breaking liars the lot of them!

  • Russ

    I will vote for Trump by write-in, our government is suppose to be by the people and for the people, not for a hand full of rich bastards that got that way while in office by screwing the people. I think it is time we get rid of both parties and just let the people that really want to serve the people run, let us decide who runs, not someone the party wants, look at what we have got in there now, the people never would have approved him.

    • Craig Kinnowr

      good one Russ!

    • Daddy Kickass

      You must be talking about the illegal Kenyan who was born in Kenya who has ALL of his records sealed, WHY? And a photo-shopped birth certificate? Why?

  • stevenlehar

    Kiss of death! Won’t make any difference, we all know Kasich is a RINO. Romney’s “endorsement” is just the final nail.

  • Nels

    We are seeing now what the GOPe really want – they want Hillary or Romney or Cruz or Kasich – anyone they can control. Anyone but Trump, they keep saying over and over.
    One thing we know for sure is that anything good for the internationalist, donor-class billionaires like Soros and Zuckerberg and Brin has been bad for America and Americans. Time we tried doing the opposite of what Soros tells us. No One But Trump.

  • Donald Repp

    Romney has made me a convert. When I see the establishment showing so much fear over a candidate they can’t control, it’s time to support that candidate.

    Romney showed us how to take a sure victory and turn it into defeat. Why would anyone listen to him now? He’s had his 15 minutes of fame and squandered it. Time to go away, Mitt.

  • Daddy Kickass

    Dear Ted, Since you are allowing one of the biggest LOSERS of all times to stand behind and support you, it is a sign to ALL Americans that you are probably just as big of a loser than Mitt.( Who the hell came up with the name of Mitt. Were the parents hoping for a ball glove?) NO VOTES FOR TED SCREWS.