National Uproar Over Obama’s Homosexual Ambassador and His ‘Husband’

A little over two years after Obama campaign bundler and LGBT advocate James “Wally” Brewster arrived in the Dominican Republic, accompanied by his spouse, Bob Satawake, to assume his duties as U.S. ambassador, calls are growing in the conservative country for his recall.

Church leaders, politicians and education officials in the Caribbean island nation are clamoring for his removal, and a petition was lodged with the White House this week accusing him of promoting an “LGBT agenda inconsistent with the Christian cultural values and tradition of the Dominican Republic.”

…Dominican Teachers Association president Eduardo Hidalgo asked the country’s education ministry to bar Brewster from visiting public or private schools with Satawake, saying the rights of children should be protected. . .

Pelegrin Castillo, presidential candidate for the center-right National Progressive Force (FNP) party, was quoted as saying that under the guise of defending the rights of minorities Brewster “has a business agenda to convert Santo Domingo into the Caribbean’s gay paradise.”

On the left, the United Left Movement (MIU), in a statement marked by anti-U.S. rhetoric, accused Brewster of using his office as “convenient camouflage” to promote his personal agenda, and accused USAID of meddling in the country’s internal affairs. MIU secretary-general Miguel Mejia said the ambassador deserved to be declared persona non grata. (Read more from “National Uproar Over Obama’s Homosexual Ambassador and His ‘Husband'” HERE)

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  • Kent2012

    come on kenyan boyo why not appoint this clown to your friends in Iran??

  • Dowhatsrigh

    I say send him to Benghazi or some other middle east country.

    • Charles

      I hope you are referring to O’BUMO
      He is doing all he can to destroy this country before he leaves office.

      • facebook is Dero

        I’m sure the sentiment was to send both the ambassador and it’s ‘husband’ AND the pile of manure in the white house to benghazi.


    Make sense with this administration, the more you donate to Barry and the DNC the more chances to get a cushy government position. Johnson, Lynch, the ambassador to Iceland that didn’t know where Iceland is.

    • ArmyCombatVet

      Homosexual in the White House alert! Forcing its deviant bunch on America is treason, forcing it on another nation is an act of war! The Dominican Republic can arrest him and his parasitic other and send them home in a box. Real Americans were murdered in Benghazi so a precedence was set. You force perversion on an independent nation and they have every right to send them to little Barry, gift wrapped!

  • Scott Snoopy

    yet another sign of the arrogance of the organizer in chief and those who have supported him

  • Ivan Price

    He wanted a Tropical destination? Send them to the house of Saud . They would probably jump at the chance. No wait thats not Saud-o-me is it.

  • Kingdom Ambassador

    If not for the framers replacing Yahweh’s moral law (including Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13) for their own finite humanistic traditions, such an ambassador would be impossible.. In fact, there would be no homosexual agenda at all because no sodomite or lesbian would dare risk exposing themselves to petition government for their “rights.”

    For more on how Yahweh’s unchanging moral law applies today, google free online book “Law and Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant.”

    Then, find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as
    compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the
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    • Grundune

      This clown, Kingdom Ambassador, has been waging a campaign to abolish the U.S. Constitution. If you REALLY what to know anything, read the Bible and read the U.S. Constitution. Don’t just rely on this Bozo.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    Since the Constitution is secular (written by members of the Masonic Order), thus under Satan as a Spiritual influence, and has continued that direction all this time, my question is why were any of you expecting something different?

  • Paul

    Send him to Cuba, instead! So what if the Cubans use him as shark bait and claim he left their country two days ago.

  • Bob

    HOW can a man made God replacement SYSTEM ever be found to be in harmony with a humanistic world view?
    Never will

  • obamasux

    Obola is not just a Muslim Marxist illegal alien sodomite – he’s also fundamentally a Luciferian, like his idol, Saul Alinsky.

    • fedupwithmentalcases

      dont forget gay racist america hater ….google or youtube larry sinclair and obama and see for yourself

  • fedupwithmentalcases

    youtube larry sinclair and obama and you will see why hussein obama did this and now larry is dead with no witnesses hummmm

    • Barbaree

      I knew there were two gay men connected with obama’s church that were killed, but I didn’t know about Larry Sinclair until now! This is unbelievable!

      • fedupwithmentalcases

        ya well keep passing it on because of the criminal lame stream media no one knows the truth about the america hating racist mooslime in the white house

  • jalee3

    Is any more stupid than sending a gay ambassador to Libya?

  • Ron N.

    Obie to DR; No like? NO MONEY!! I AM KING!!