Pope Francis Fires Vatican Ambassador to U.S. Who Set up Meeting With Kim Davis

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is a staunch conservative and was vocally opposed to same-sex marriage throughout his five-year tenure as the Vatican’s nuncio (ambassador) to the United States.

He also sent an anonymous invite to Ms. Kim Davis, of [pro-family] fame, to the Pope’s DC visit. While people, here and elsewhere, initially thought this was a coup for Davis and [traditional marriage], Pope Francis turned the other cheek.

And now word comes that the incident is prompting The Vatican to replace Vigano. A friend of the Pope’s claimed he was blindsided by the meeting, and the move caused the Vatican to distance itself from Viganò, leading many to believe the Pope would quietly replace him as his “statutory retirement age” was approaching. Viganò turned 75 in January; when bishops and archbishops reach that age, they are required to submit a letter of resignation to the Vatican.

Interestingly, the Pope is thinking about replacing the social conservative warrior with an advocate of immigration.

[W]ill be replaced by Archbishop Christophe Pierre, a French-born clergyman who is currently the nuncio to Mexico, Catholic magazine America reports, citing Sandro Magister, a blogger who covers the Vatican.

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  • obamasux


  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well this shows that they picked the wrong person for the Pope. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano stood up for the teaching of Christ the Pope is not.

    • RWS

      ‘Pretty clear that Jesus did not make the papacy! (The “on this rock” passage has been misconstrued by Romanists for centuries.)

      • sandraleesmith46

        They keep standing on the wrong rock! Peter wasn’t it!

    • nekoknight

      Shortly after Illinois’s Democratic governor signed homosexual “marriage” into law, Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki led prayers of exorcism in reparation, citing Pope Francis who, as an Argentinian cardinal in 2010 described gay marriage legislation as a “clear rejection of the law of God” and “a move of the Father of Lies who wishes to confuse and deceive the children of God.”

  • sandraleesmith46

    Calling Kim Davis “anti-equality” is a gross deceit; there is NO “equality” between an actual marriage consummation and what 2 homosexuals do with each other; ergo no “equality” to be denied!

    • RWS

      The “bigotry” crack was silly, too: a common smear by the inarticulate of those they disagree with.

  • nekoknight

    Pope Francis did NOT fire Vatican Ambassador Vigano. The headline to this article is dishonest.