Rand Paul Just Revealed the 2 Things That Will Make Him ‘Un-Suspend’ His Presidential Campaign

Earlier last month, senator and former presidential hopeful Rand Paul announced that he was suspending his campaign after making little headway in the GOP field. Now, however, he has announced that he would “un-suspend” his campaign if he received the endorsement of a particular New Hampshire newspaper.

Prompted by a tweet from the newspaper the New Hampshire Union Leader, which expressed regret for having endorsed Chris Christie as the GOP nominee in November, Rand Paul offered them a chance at redemption, “endorse me and declare a do over in New Hampshire.”

The tweet, which is more than likely a facetious jab at both the New Hampshire Union Leader and his own prospects for president, came in response to an editorial which attempted to walk back its endorsement of Christie, who they seem to no longer support.

The editorial was penned by the newspapers publisher, Joseph McQuaid, prior to Super Tuesday. In particular, the newspaper is disappointed in Christie’s support for Donald Trump, which demonstrated “how wrong we [the New Hampshire Union Leader] were.” (Read more from “Rand Paul Just Revealed the 2 Things That Will Make Him ‘Un-Suspend’ His Presidential Campaign” HERE)

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  • Nam1

    Senator, it’s over.

  • mikecnj

    Get back to work, Senator.

  • CSN

    Is this a story?

  • leewacker

    FORGET IT, SENATOR! You tried and failed! Therefore, stick to the Senate where you are needed more than ever!