Republicans Just Sent Trump This HUGE Message the Establishment Won’t Want You to See

By Fred Maxwell. Should front-runner Donald Trump fail to obtain the necessary 1,237 delegates to clinch its nomination, the Republican Party may have a contested convention.

According to a poll released Wednesday by Monmouth University, 54 percent of those expected to vote Republican believe if a contest convention takes place, Trump should receive the Republican presidential nomination.

When asked if another person should be nominated if Trump failed to garner the delegates needed, 34 percent said yes. When asked who should win the nomination in the event of a contested convention, 33 percent chose Sen. Ted Cruz, while 23 percent went for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Sen. Marco Rubio earned 10 percent of the vote.

If Trump should fall short of the mark by a narrow margin, he has predicted his supporters would riot as well as sit out the election if he is not given the party’s nomination.

However, 43 percent of those polled said that even though they support Trump, they would cast their vote for whoever is the Republican nominee.

Trump has remained in the lead of the majority of preference polls for months, and according to the Monmouth survey, leads the overall Republican field with 41 percent of the support, followed by Cruz at 29 percent and Kasich with 18 percent. (Read more from “Republicans Just Sent Trump This HUGE Message the Establishment Won’t Want You to See” HERE)


John Kasich Rejects a G.O.P. Call to Quit to Block Donald Trump

By Trip Bariel. Republicans desperate to stop Donald J. Trump from capturing the presidential nomination increased the pressure Wednesday on Gov. John Kasich of Ohio to quit the race, with Jeb Bush joining the growing number of party figures throwing their weight behind Senator Ted Cruz.

Mr. Kasich refused, saying that he, not the Texas senator, was the best option to stop Mr. Trump. But his argument was undercut by his dismal showings Tuesday in Utah and Arizona, where he won no delegates — as well as by the surprise endorsement Wednesday morning by Mr. Bush of Mr. Cruz.

Mr. Bush, who dropped out of the presidential race last month, is the latest mainstream Republican — following Mitt Romney and Senator Lindsey Graham — who is ideologically closer to Mr. Kasich, but whose embrace of Mr. Cruz is a strategic calculation that he has a better shot at stopping Mr. Trump. (Read more from “John Kasich Rejects a G.O.P. Call to Quit to Block Donald Trump” HERE)

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  • MikefromNC

    Fortunately, the results of the contested convention won’t be determined by polls. They will be determined by the rules already in place. If that means Trump wins – so be it. If that means Trump does not win – so be it.
    Real American adult patriots are not swayed by threats of rioting or otherwise throwing a childish fit.

    • RLM357

      Mike , Surely you are dreaming. ~RLM

      • RLM357

        WE THE PEOPLE have SPOKEN ! A POX on those that ignore us. We are tired of being SHEEPLE. Being given a choice of two EVILS is gone. We REJECT being told who to vote for,. The Establishment self – engrandisers must GO ! WE have spoken. We reject The Establishment choices ! ~Rick Magee “MOLON LABE”

        • MikefromNC

          Who is telling you who to vote for? They must have skipped me. I vote for whomever I choose.
          The sheeple reference is interesting since I assume you are a Trumpkin…

          • Richard Long

            I thought it was Trumpbots?! What do we call Cruz supporters? Liars?!

          • Richard Long

            You have to admit it was kind of funny, kind of? I am just kidding. Lighten up guys. It is not true that nothing can separate a Trump supporter from Trump. Waterboarding would probably do the trick!

    • reggiec

      The RNC can change the rules any time they want to, right up to the convention.

    • dufus

      If you can’t see the corruption in the caucuses, the only area that Ted Cruz has won you are blind and deaf! Real Americans are tired of the b.s. and dirty politics. Get a life, they will change whatever they want to make the outcome to their liking! Don’t give us this childish fit b.s.

      • MikefromNC

        So if the rules don’t produce the outcome that YOU want, you’ll just ignore the result and do what you want anyway.
        Sounds like the “Wall Street Occupiers”.
        At least you chose an appropriate name for your self.

      • CountryBoy

        Actually, YOU are WRONG….. Cruz has won several Voting Primary states….. and unlike Trump, Cruz won in Closed Primaries, where Democrats can not vote in the Republican Primaries…..

    • wandamurline


    • CountryBoy

      You DO realize that they change the Convention Rules, BEFORE the Convention don’t you ????

      That is how they shut out Ron Paul last time…. they change the rules ….

    • Paul

      Mike, I take it you don’t watch much news or you just came out of a 15yrs coma. Real American Adults and Patriots are a thing of the past. We are now, trying to save our nation from corrupt government and complete destruction. The end of our nation is here and if we continue accepting just what the government says, is not unacceptable and exactly what they want. It is time to fight and take back our nation. It is time for them to do as WE SAY and not us do what THEY SAY.

      • MikefromNC

        Yeah, Paul. That coma was tough. So what exactly is your point?
        Do you seriously think someone who has been neck deep in the middle of the corruption for the last 40 years (that would be Trump) is going to somehow fix it?
        And the guy who has actually stood up on the Senate floor and called the majority leader a LIAR, and has done EXACTLY what he said he would do when elected, is somehow dangerous to the republic?

        If I’ve been in a coma, you’ve been on a different planet.

  • RLM357

    I will ONLY Vote for TRUMP ! I will leave the GOP permanently as THEY have deserted Me first ! Down with the Establishment RINO’s that seeks ONLY to protect their own Cash-Cows. THE ESTAB. RINOS showed themselves at the last Convention by Denying the Ron Paul Delegates their votes and Documentation ! BOEHNER appeared Intoxicated and they all read from pre written Teleprompters ! WAKE UP AMERICA and let’s TAKE BACK AMERICA ! ~RICK MAGEE, “MOLON LABE”

    • Paul

      That’s the spirit! Send ALL politicians a message that we the people are tired of their crap, lies and corruption. GO TRUMP!

  • Dowhatsrigh

    The Republican party did the same thing when Mitt Romney ran. They just considered the Republican Party members necessary idiots that would vote Republican regardless. They were wrong. Instead of campaigning through the local Political Parties , they set up Victory Center and hired someone to run it for about 90 days. Then in order to get a sign or button or anything, you had to go to the victory center , make so many phone calls, which everyone hates to receive, or know on so many doors and give campaign information. Well the people that support the Republican Party the year around, volunteer to man posts, campaign on local issues, and do a host of other party jobs were angry that they had to go to the Victory Center and make these calls in order to support their candidate. These Yellow Dog Republicans said that after being snubbed by Romney and his b ig shot part leaders, they would not vote for any one as President. Of course that gave it to the democrats. Look at the election results and you will see that Romney never got the number of votes that other candidates received. The voters were their, they were just pissed off at being considered know nothings. They were damn tired of the Republican Party leaders telling the party members that they the leaders, know what is best for them and the party. That is what they are doing again. Why, because the leaders want the power to determine who is a candidate and who is not. It is called influence pedaling. If they block Trump, they might as well hand the keys to the Whitehouse to the Democrats again.

  • dufus

    The manipulated caucuses like Utah are filled with corruption to let Cruz win to prevent Trump from being the nominee. If the Republican Party does anything dishonest to stop Trump from being the nominee they can kiss their party goodbye.They lose two 50+year registered Republicans here; You can take that to the bank. The party has become as bad if not worse than the Democratic Party and that is saying a lot.

    • CSN

      Utah will not post the official results on their website of those Caucus votes. I looked everywhere for the official results yesterday and could find NONE. All other States, so far, have published, in detail, election results the day after the election. In these Caucuses much shenanigans can occur..take for instance the fact the Republican Caucuses shut down after they saw Ron Paul winning in 2012, and called in the Police when the people objected.

    • Stephen Randall Malone

      You Sir..are full of crap..Trump loses one and the crybabies start screaming..Trump will put a Democrat in the White House..Love with that..Nit Wit..

      • Nels

        How is any Democrat worse than an open borders international socialist like McStain and his buddy Feingold, or Romney (Romney-care was the model for 0bammy-care), or any of the Bushes (Patriot Act, Medicare Part D), or another Clinton, or Kaisich or Cruz?

        The political axis is no longer right-left, but nationalist-internationalist. Trump is the only nationalist in the race, from either party. If we’re going to elect an internationalist, I don’t care which one it is.
        If we are going to have a nation, we have to have borders again. That requires that we elect a nationalist, and that leaves only Trump.

  • CountryBoy

    If the Establishment RINO’s deny BOTH Trump and Cruz the nomination and Give it to someone else, I will WRITE IN Cruz’s name on the ballot…..

  • j0e cave

    the establishment can kiss my ass i’m voting for TRUMP EVEN IF I HAVE TO DO IT AS A WRIGHT IN

    • Paul

      Same here, buddy! Screw the politicians and their corrupt ways.