Rubio Campaign Just Told Supporters to Vote for ANOTHER Candidate – People Are Stunned

Rarely in American political history has a presidential candidate’s campaign urged voters to cast a ballot for his rival. As further evidence of the 2016 Republican presidential primary’s volatile nature, however, that is precisely what one campaign mouthpiece is doing ahead of Tuesday’s Ohio primary.

Marco Rubio communications director Alex Conant, who just days ago was employed to dispel CNN’s report that the Florida senator was planning an imminent campaign suspension, appeared on the network again Friday to urge Ohio Republicans to join him in an unusual strategy.

As a clear GOP voter coalition emerges to take down unconventional front-runner Donald Trump, Conant conceded the best way to achieve this goal is to back John Kasich, not Rubio, in the Ohio primary.

Currently serving as the state’s governor, polls show Kasich presents the best campaign to defeat Trump in Ohio.

“If you are a Republican primary voter in Ohio and you want to defeat Donald Trump,” Conant said, “your best chance is John Kasich.”

Of course, Rubio’s home state also hosts its primary on Tuesday — and Conant’s advice was much different to Republicans in that state.

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  • obamasux

    Kasich is a RINO half-wit. He would be a classic Democrat of about 20 years ago.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well this is the best thing that could happen. It showed the lack of character of the other candidates. Remember they insisted that Trump sign an agreement that he would support the Republican candidate who ever it was and would not run as as third party. Now these people that insisted on Trump signing don’t want to hold up their part of the deal. That should make it perfectly clear to the voters that these other candidates would not hold up their part of the deal to the voters should they win.

  • Russ

    and this idiot wants to be President. Go back to Cuba Marco.

  • reggiec

    Split the vote and hope for a brokered convention. Only one problem; the convention rules would have to be changed. As it now stands a candidate must win at least eight states in order to ever receive any delegate votes.
    Would the RNC change the rules to stop Trump?

  • Nels

    The only thing that matters to the internationalist candidates is to stop the one candidate who is a nationalist.