Scientific Paper Says the Human Hand Was Designed by a Creator

A recent scientific paper on the movement of the human hand has faced strong criticism for referring to a ‘Creator’ throughout.

The paper, titled: ‘Biomechanical characteristics of hand coordination in grasping activities of daily living’ was written by a team of four researchers, three from Huazhong University in China, and one from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.

Published in the PLOS ONE journal, the fairly conventional study looked at the mechanics of how we grasp things, and involved the measurement of the hand movements of 30 participants.

However, members of the scientific community have demanded the paper be retracted, for its several perceived references to the pseudoscientific theory of intelligent design and a possibly divine ‘Creator’.

In the opening sentences of the study, it claims the link between muscles and hand movements is the product of “proper design by the Creator.” (Read more from “Scientific Paper Says the Human Hand Was Designed by a Creator” HERE)

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  • Nam1

    The lord gave it a THUMBS up!!

    • MikefromNC

      Actually, two thumbs up!

      • Nam1

        Lol, yep that’s correct. Can’t do much without that little guy.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well look for the liberals and the Queers to have him committed to a nut house because they can’t stand to be proven wrong. They deny a creator and will not accept any evidence to the contrary. The only thing that liberals can do is deny because they have no facts. The queers will deny because to do otherwise would prove that their lifestyle is sinful.

    • Linda

      Amen ! The fool has said in his heart there is no God.

  • Linda

    The FOOL has said in his heart, there is no God. Where did man come from ? Where did the monkey come from ? Where did the “big bang” come from. Where did the gas that supposedly caused the big bang come from ? GOD ALMIGHTY IS THE ONLY LOGICAL ANSWER.

  • Brian Artzberger

    The theory of evolution of species has been proven impossible (false) so many times it belongs in the dust bin of history. The law of entropy (thermodynamics) alone makes evolution unworkable.