Scott Walker Hints at Endorsing This Candidate

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker hinted at a possible Ted Cruz endorsement Wednesday, adding that Cruz would be the strategic choice to beat Donald Trump for the nomination.

In the interview with radio host Charlie Sykes, Walker fell short of an official endorsement, however, saying that he is still deciding between Sen. Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Gov. Walker said he would make an endorsement within the week so as to have the “maximum impact” before his state’s primary April 5th – the only voting state on the calendar over the next month.

Continuing on, the former presidential hopeful spoke positively about the prospect of an “open convention”:

“And I stress open convention. Some in the media call it a brokered convention. It’s not a brokered convention. Republicans don’t have the capacity to have a brokered convention by our laws because it’s either the voters pick delegates who pick the nominee, or delegates, when it’s wide open, pick.”

Walker, once a top candidate for president, became one of the first to end his bid calling on others to do the same in hopes an alternative to Trump would emerge.

Still very popular among conservative Republicans, Walker could potentially be a vice presidential nominee. In response to that assertion Walker indicated to USA Today that he wouldn’t rule it out but, smiling, added, “That’s just way too premature.” (For more from the author of “Scott Walker Hints at Endorsing This Candidate” please click HERE)

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