Sean Hannity Unloads on Rubio, Reveals the Real Reason He’s Running for President

Sean Hannity repeatedly ripped into Marco Rubio on his Fox News program Wednesday night, attacking the Florida senator for recent attacks on Donald Trump and saying his rhetoric was “beyond the pale” of acceptance in a presidential primary.

Hannity, who wrote in August that he would not point out “deficiencies” in any of the Republican candidates, said that someone “probably promised” Rubio “a lot of money” to take Trump on.

“That’s not the real Marco,” he repeatedly insisted.

Hannity’s chief contention was that Rubio’s criticism of Trump over his Ku Klux Klan flap was not fair and that his jokes about the billionaire had gone too far.

Throughout his program, Hannity hosted a panel of guests who shared his point of view. The general theme: attack Rubio, defend Trump.

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  • MikefromNC

    I’m just about done with Hannity. He can’t see the light of day because he’s so far up Trump’s backside. I used to think he was conservative and smart. He’s apparently neither.

    • Daddy Kickass

      NONE of the Fox News narcissists are worth watching anymore. O’Reilly is the WORST.

  • SteveMacko

    So it was OK when Rubio was attacking Cruz on be a “Liar,” but it is not OK to attack Trump on being a “con man?”

  • AHP1081

    Apparently Hannity has been given orders to kiss trumps butt. I am no supporter of Marco but anyone who points out some of trumps realities should not be chastised, they should be applauded. I used to watch FOX a lot. I left them as a news source several years ago, they are only a little better than CNN and so on. No real News agency left!

  • Russ

    Rubio, what a joke. He is the Justin Beiber of politics. Nothing but a punk kid. Did I say that before? Yup. Trump is going to crush his this election. TRUMP 2016!!!!! Hannity is the only talking head that can see TRUMP is the only way. Don’t like it?? I could care less!

    • Daddy Kickass

      Little Marco Polio IS a joke but to compare him to Justin Beiber is a real slap in the face for Justin. Polio fooled the people of Florida into electing him but he is never on the job, doesn’t vote but happily accepts their paycheck while they finance is attempt at the White House. Just another puking politician looking for the BIG handout,

      • Russ

        sorry, I guess I am just not a Justin Beiber fan. Ever time I see him on TV he acts like a punk at least that is how I see it. Thus the Rubio/Beiber comment.

      • Paul

        I am one of the people that was fooled by him. He had a good line of crap and it is too bad he turned out to be just another politician telling you want you want to hear and doing whatever he wants. As with most politicians today, the only time we the people have any value to them is during election. Afterwards, is screw the people until the next election.

  • Linda

    Back in Bible days, God used an a$$ to warn someone. Perhaps God is using another a$$ to warn America. (Not referring to Sean )

  • Dogandcat

    Pork will make any establishment lackey say anything.