SHE THINKS AMERICANS ARE VERY, VERY STUPID: Hillary Continues Shrieking Her ‘No Classified Emails’ Lies

During Monday’s Fox News town hall, Hillary Clinton repeated her outrageous claims that her private email server contained no classified material. Perhaps she could inform the FBI, the State Department, and various Inspectors General, which have designated more than 2,000 emails as classified, including 104 sent by Clinton herself, and 22 with a TOP SECRET designation.

During the town hall, Secretary Clinton faced a series of withering questions about her private email server. Among them was a quote from last year, in which Clinton claimed her private server contained no classified material.

On March 10, 2015, Secretary Clinton held a press conference at the United Nations in which she claimed that her private server contained no classified material.

CLINTON: “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.

Clinton reiterated that outrageously false claim again today. But just last week, it was revealed Clinton’s email contained more than 2,000 classified emails, including 104 emails authored and sent by Clinton herself.

How stupid does Clinton think Americans are?

The answer, it would seem, very.

In fact, the American people have known for months that her private server contained classified material. With her willingness to tell baldface lies, it’s no wonder majorities of voters in primary states say they wouldn’t trust Clinton as far as they could throw her. (For more from the author of “SHE THINKS AMERICANS ARE VERY, VERY STUPID: Hillary Continues Shrieking Her ‘No Classified Emails’ Lies” please click HERE)

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  • Charles

    With all of the wrong things this person has done, you would think that anyone with any sense of wrong doing, would try to be noticed as little as possible.!!!!!

    • ArmyCombatVet

      Our elected representatives, both the House and Senate are complicit by not demanding her immediate arrest and hanging. The evidence in this case is more overwhelming than any other case in our nation’s political history! Voting for her is a federal crime since that would be aiding and abetting an enemy of America in massive acts of treason and sedition! America has officially become a third world nation heading to fourth if there is such a thing!

  • Bill Meeker

    She THINKS American citizens are stupid?! With her following I’d say it’s quite well documented. When I hear people question whether or not each Republican candidate “could beat her” I often wonder how stupid can people be to even consider her for President? It simply defies logic but then look at who we elected and even RE-elected! Yep. Hillary doesn’t just think it; she KNOWS the majority of Americans are stupid.

  • Nam1

    If she doesn’t end up in jail and wins the White House, then she’s correct… They are stupid.