Something BIG Was Just Revealed About Trump and Carson That Might Surprise a Lot of People

Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stunned many when he endorsed Donald Trump for president. Just a few days later, Carson admitted he would not only be advising Trump during the presidential campaign, but could also play a possible role in a Trump administration.

Many speculated this would mean a cabinet position for the retired neurosurgeon, who has displayed a wealth of knowledge both in medicine and education. Yet it seems these speculations might have underestimated Carson.

Today it was announced that members of Carson’s campaign team are planning to meet in Palm Beach, Fla., to discuss the possibility of a Trump/Carson ticket.

The meeting, which will take place March 29, will include Ben Carson Jr., former Carson campaign chairman Robert Dees, ex-campaign manager Ed Brookover, treasurer Logan Delaney, and former senior adviser Mike Murray.

Brookover has recently joined the Trump campaign to lead a “delegate selection team,” suggesting the two sides have a strong working relationship.

According the multiple sources, the group will discuss a vice-presidential push as well as what to do with the 700,000-member mailing list Carson’s campaign compiled. (Read more from “Something BIG Was Just Revealed About Trump and Carson That Might Surprise a Lot of People” HERE)

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  • Betsy Ross

    Carson hinted at this quite awhile back. I believe that he and DT were plotting against Ted Cruz all the way back in Iowa, which is why Dr. Carson didn’t go after any one else who used the CNN story about him. Dr. Carson is in league with the devil himself. so disappointing that he could be bought so easily.

    • Richard Long

      So now it is time to demonize Ben Carson, one of the most decent men who ran for President. It seems as if anyone who doesn’t support Ted Cruz is a bad guy. And the list of bad guys keeps getting longer.

      • Sheila

        Not true. But all of us must look at the facts of a person’s behavior not what they say but what they do! Ben Carson’s own followers are angry with him for jumping in with Trump, a man without principles, with no policy he can articulate and without maturity (making faces, name calling) a man who acts like a petulant child.
        How could any man of principle team up with Trump?
        We must conclude that we were wrong about Ben Carson, what we thought of his character. He made a deal with Trump. What other conclusion can one reach about Ben?
        When you say the list keeps getting longer, you are right. How many men and women in Congress have any integrity?….which is what is wrong in America. We conservatives and some liberals are looking for people to represent us with principle. You can excuse or spin Carson’s endorsement of Trump and Trump’s promise of a place in his administration anyway you wish. It WAS a sell-out.

        • Carol Chang

          I am not angry with him, I supported him and contributed to his campaign.

        • AnneCink

          How could any man of principle team up with Trump? How insulting to every person supporting Trump! Do you really assume the millions of Trump supporters are all unprincipled buffoons? It really galls me when the media talks about the “uneducated” people following Trump! But, the more they say it, the more followers he gains. And, they aren’t “uneducated”!
          We aren’t loving the “tone” of the campaigns on both sides. But, we realize that’s the exact tone Democrats have used against Republicans for the last four presidential campaigns. They use it loud and clear so that their message get through and ours doesn’t. We’ve tried candidates with traditional “stature” and they get trounced! It’s time to nominate someone that knows how to fight back, not cower away at the first attack! We need someone who knows how to use the “dirt” against our opponents! There are lots of other reasons I like Trump, but his New York “street smarts” work for me!

          • Sheila

            No not buffoons but uninformed. Even listening to him you can tell he does not know anything about foreign affairs. Recently he said he could not comment on dividing Jerusalem, he’d have to “talk to BeBe first.” His positions change daily. We don’t need a “street smart” president but a person of principle, a conservative and a person who actually knows our system and world affairs, not a man who says his advisor would be himself. “I have a very good brain.”
            I get it, you want tough, so do I. But who has stood up and has been maligned by his own party and fellow senators? Who can lead without suggesting riots and calling a woman a “c_ _ _ T. That is not my idea of tough, its crude and disrespectful.
            Lets make a good argument, not throw out profanity.
            Recently he said to a group of Jews (when a man booed him) “Thats why you people always get into trouble.”

            His positions from the past and even recently (to nationalize the banks), along with his public behavior is appalling and frankly frightening

          • AnneCink

            We don’t agree – obviously! I will refute strongly one thing you say – Trump did not “suggest riots”. He predicted people would be angry if the nomination were stolen. Said there might be riots!

        • Richard Long

          Sheila, you have a good point, but I am sorry, I just think you are taking it too far. If we were talking about the body of Christ, and church government, the standards for church government are in stone, revealed in the Bible. Even then, men disagree about many matters theologically about how to govern the church, and who should be involved in that undertaking.
          We are talking about politics, the dirtiest business in the world. I don’t think you can assassinate Ben’s character because he chose to endorse Trump. Ted will make deals with other politicians also, that is the nature of politics.
          If a person is convinced that Trump is an evil man, despicable, then they will make assumptions about others, which is what you have done in this post.
          Now, in my opinion, Mitt Romney is a dishonest, hypocritical RINO, just a squishy establishment Republican. Guys like Romney are just as responsible as the Demoncrats for the near destruction of our republic.
          Yet, hundreds of politicians endorsed
          Romney during the last election cycle. I don’t condemn everyone who voted for Romney, or who endorsed him, or gave him money; The 55 million people who voted for Romney are not just sell outs, or people of bad character, etc;etc; just because I believe that Romney is a rather despicable politician.

    • ArmyCombatVet

      Cruz is a back stabbing snake who is a dual citizen. Natural born Canadian and naturalized here in the States. Maintained his Canadian birth certificate for 44 years until he wanted to throw his hat in the ring for the big job, then conveniently renounced it! Pretty much the bulk of dirty tricks pulled off in this election cycle emanated out of his team! He is in the tank along with his wife for the internationalists such as the CFR. He was a key sponsor of the international trade authority bill that would have cost American’s over 550,000 jobs, was for illegal immigration before he acted like he was against it! Our founders were clear in their desire for the person in the White House to not have divided loyalties. Vattel’s Law of Nations was the bible the founders relied upon when developing the documents that would be the bedrock of our nation. It is clear in Vattel, that the citizenship of the father was that of the son and birth on the soil of the nation one was to lead was absolutely required! Every key founder had a copy of and referred to the Law of Nations when drawing up the very foundational documents of the United States. The Supreme Court is not a law making body, that duty belongs to Congress. The Supreme Court was formed to insure that the Constitution was faithfully executed and adhered to. Cruz parents were on the voter roles in Canada and voted. Non-citizens cannot not vote in Canada, therefore making them dual citizens. Sorry Cruz your naturalized, not natural born!

      • Carol Chang

        Actually, both of his parents gave up their respective citizenships in order to become Canadians. He is a ‘natural born Canadian citizen’. and as you say a naturalized American Citizen. He know he is not eligible.

    • small girl

      BETSY ROSS…If you believe what you posted, imo, either you have no good values or you believe in the tooth fairy. Dirty tricky TED is worst than evil running on the other side. Unbelievable.

  • liberty49

    I thought Trump wanted a VP with political experience? Carson is great, but a Newt Gingrich would be more savvy.

    • deanbob

      He just wants what he always does – and many say “Win at any cost.”.

  • No Trump

  • Wm Reed

    Trump/Carson2016 Looks good to me. A very wise choice I must say.

  • Anadara

    I like the idea of a Trump Carson ticket.

  • Brian Artzberger

    I supported Ben Carson and even donated money to his campaign. I feel he has betrayed his supporters, including myself. He has clearly backed away from Christian principles in supporting Trump. I didn’t think Carson would be bought off, I was wrong.