Sources Reveal the Disturbing Order Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel Gave Cops During Trump Protests

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has been the target of vitriolic attacks from all sides — including the GOP establishment, the media, and of course, the left. The Chicago rally that was cancelled last week underscores the malevolence behind the planned protests and, as it appears, the mayor’s office may have contributed to the chaos as the Democrat at the helm of the city wasn’t all that anxious to keep the peace and maintain order.

Paid protesters from Black Lives Matter (BLM), anarchists and Occupiers, as well as supporters of Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came together to cause the mayhem when they clashed with Trump fans before the rally that had been scheduled at the University of Illinois facility. According to conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter — herself an avid Donald Trump supporter — sources inside the Chicago Police Department disclosed a stunning order supposedly given by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Apparently, however, some officers didn’t get the memo, as a handful of arrests were reportedly made during the very tense and highly charged clashes between Trump supporters and protesters.

The billionaire businessman eventually called off the event, stating, “After speaking with law enforcement, I just thought it would be a wise thing for us to postpone this rally.”

One Windy City policeman who wished to remain anonymous posted that the media failed to report on the level of chaos that occurred prior to the event that Trump decided to postpone. Sanders’ backers were reportedly throwing debris at Trump supporters and running through parking lots breaking the windows of cars bearing Trump bumper stickers. (Read more from “Sources Reveal the Disturbing Order Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel Gave Cops During Trump Protests” HERE)

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  • Barbaree

    Why isn’t Sanders denouncing his supporters who participated in this? This was a planned operation by the administration, helped by the mayor!

    • wandamurline

      and Soros and probably the DNC and RNC….the uniparties.

  • Mark

    Welcome to the new America. I guess all we need to do is officially announce we’re a third world nation.

    • deanbob

      Based on annual ratings, the US has slipped way down in education, economy, and freedom thanks to Obama and his administration (although some of the seeds have been sown decades before).

  • Kendrix

    Well I guest the IDIOT’s that PROTESTED in the 60’s.. are now in some leader positions. And The new Democratic Party (Socialists, and Communists), is to blame for these problems, plus some other Americans, don’t leave out Republican’s. “WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY”. And if it takes all VETERANS.. (I’M IN)..These BASTARDS.


    Emanuel the Steak Knife is still at it and now the cops need to ask him why they got such weak kneed orders about the Soros paid hooligans???

  • Paul

    It is too bad most of the people from that area have no clue that their own local government is the main cause of their desperation. Just look at the conservatives controlled States to figure it out; they are booming with work while the Liberal States are starving to death and taxing their people out of their lives.