South Sudan Faces One of World’s Most ‘Horrendous’ Human Rights Situations

A U.N. report describing sweeping crimes like children being burned alive and fighters raping women as payment shows South Sudan is facing “one of the most horrendous” human rights situations in the world,” the United Nations rights chief said Friday.

Zeid Raad al-Hussein lamented that the crisis in the world’s newest nation has been largely overlooked by the international community. His office said attacks against civilians, forced disappearances, rape and other violations could amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The U.N report released Friday is the work of an assessment team deployed in South Sudan between October and January and says “state actors” bear most responsibility for the crimes. (Read more from “South Sudan Faces One of World’s Most ‘Horrendous’ Human Rights Situations” HERE)

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  • obamasux

    Gee, I wonder what the religion of the “state actors” is? Any guesses who’s doing all that raping and burning alive? The “religion of peace,” perhaps? Don’t worry, Obama and the UN will fix all this.

  • Kent2012

    hey hey now another african country that is having a weenie roast….my guess is that next week we will hear of the secretary general of the un nominate a Sudanese to the “human rights council” and we will be entertained immediately with the charge that “all the world’s problems are the fault of the USA”….oh I almost forgot George W. Bush…