Trump Just Scored a Shock Endorsement That May Silence Those Calling Him Racist

By Jack Davis. The brother of legendary civil rights activist Medgar Evers has two messages for America. One is that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is “the best candidate.” The other is that those obsessed with the past and the Ku Klux Klan have to “stop living in the past.”

“I believe in him first of all because he’s a businessman. I think jobs are badly needed in Mississippi,” said Charles Evers, 93, whose brother was gunned down in 1963. Evers, a former leader in the NAACP, became a Republican and supported Ronald Reagan in 1980.

In an interview on National Public Radio, Evers said Trump would be a unifier.

“I think he’s the best candidate,” Evers said on NPR. “Number one, he’s independent. Number two, he speaks on what he thinks and not what some other politician may tell them. I like him as a person. He’s a self-made man, and he doesn’t have to take donations from Charles Evers, other people. Once he get elected, he won’t owe me a thing.” (Read more from “Trump Just Scored a Shock Endorsement That May Silence Those Calling Him Racist” HERE)


Hillary Clinton Pledges to Never Let Donald Trump Become President

By Liz Kreutz. Hillary Clinton took direct aim at Donald Trump during a rally in Detroit tonight, vowing to never let the Republican front-runner become president as she continued to shift her focus away from Bernie Sanders and toward the GOP field.

“Because of the kind of campaign that the Republicans have been running, led by their front-runner, we have a lot of people who have been attacked, right?” Clinton asked the crowd of roughly 850 people at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.

The reference to Trump prompted loud “boos” from her supporters, which seemed to fire up Clinton. “I mean, you got to say this about him, he is an equal opportunity attacker,” she said about her possible future opponent in the general election. “He’s attacked Mexicans, he’s attacked people with disabilities, he’s attacked women, he has attacked Muslims. He’s just gone after everybody.”

She added: “We will not let a person like that ever become president of the United States.” (Read more from “Hillary Clinton Pledges to Never Let Donald Trump Become President” HERE)

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  • Bill Meeker

    Mr. Evers is a clear thinking guy who bases his position on common sense and before Trump decided to run, no one suspected him of being racist. But accusing someone of being racist has been a useful tool for liberals and will not let up until the election is over. Anyone who opposes ILLEGAL immigration is accused of opposing all immigration and immigrants and by liberal definition, a racist. Anyone who opposes allowing refugees into the country without knowing if they qualify for refugee status is now deemed anti-Muslim by liberals. And so on.

    • HadEnough

      Bill Meeker, I Am Sick Of People Saying Trump Is Racist Just Because They Don’t Like Him. They Have Nothing To Substantiate This. The’re Usually The Ones Who Are Racists.

  • Jim Delaney

    What about permitting a FELON to be prez, Hillary?Okay with that?

    • Poppo

      Even if they cannot prove that she KNOWINGLY exchanged classified e-mails without following the law, the fact that she distributed the classified information without ‘realizing’ it should have been classified even though it MAY not have been ‘marked’ classified would be gross negligence and would disqualify her from holding any public position except, perhaps, dog catcher in Last Chance.

      • ArmyCombatVet

        The fact that one of the biggest criminals in American history and a traitor is still not in jail, is a clear case of the greatest injustice in American history. Top secret emails on a private server is treason, the death of over 200 people directly related to both her and her husband without jail time is beyond unbelievable and these lowlife, criminal lemmings still want to vote for this despicable POS. AMERICA is officially dead, no reason to vote, just arm up and get ready for retribution! So many brothers died in combat for America and what have we to show for this amazing sacrifice? The greatest collection treasonous politicians, self-dealing scoundrels and a population predominated by mind numb lemmings willing and dead stupid enough to vote for that evil felon!

        • 2117fbs

          You are right on. But, besides the e-mail scandal there are so many other scandals that should prevent Hillary from being the president. The Clintons have gotten away with many things criminal and should have been in prison a long time ago. If the American people elect her, our country is more or less doomed.
          She has no scruples and we already know she can lie with a straight face to the American people. There are many videos that prove that. Anyone is better than she, except for Bernie Sanders who wants us to be a full-blown socialist nation. The are about equal on who we don’t need for president.

        • Poppo

          First of all, thanks for you service!
          In the Revolutionary War, the patriots who led the rebellion were the wealthy, the educated, and those desiring to loose the bonds of tyranny and oppression.
          Today, the wealthy and educated are the ones who want to increase the burdens of tyranny and oppression.

  • Nels

    Today, “racist” simply means that liberals don’t like you. Anyone who isn’t being called racist is on the wrong side.
    It’s good to see that there are still some old time civil rights folks left from before the progressives took over that movement. Mr. Evers shows us that his mind is still sound.
    I’m reading bleating from the CFR types that Trump is a threat to the North American Union, and maybe to NAFTA. That’s good news for Americans, and bad news for the internationalists.