Trump Won’t Say If He’d Rule out War With China

As part of an extensive interview with The New York Times posted Saturday, the GOP presidential front-runner [Donald Trump] was asked about China’s aggressive island-building in the South China Sea, and what the U.S. response should be . . .

“I would use trade to negotiate,” he added. “Would I go to war? Look, let me just tell you. There’s a question I wouldn’t want to answer. Because I don’t want to say I won’t or I will… That’s the problem with our country.”

“A politician would say, ‘Oh I would never go to war,’ or they’d say, ‘Oh I would go to war.’ I don’t want to say what I’d do because, again, we need unpredictability. You know, if I win, I don’t want to be in a position where I’ve said I would or I wouldn’t. I don’t want them to know what I’m thinking.” (Read more from “Trump Won’t Say If He’d Rule out War With China” HERE)

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  • MikefromNC

    If you want unpredictability, then Trump is your guy. He has no clue what he’s doing, no clue regarding geopolitical realities, and no clue about The Constitution or The Bible.
    So since there are no guiding principles, it’s anybody’e guess what he’d do about anything.

    • Paul

      And our current and past politician knew what they were doing? If they did, I’d rather have a Trump or non-politician running the white house. For that matter, our entire government system needs to cleaned up with new fresh faces that will stand with the American people instead of their parties. Go Trump or anyone from the outside!

      • MikefromNC

        Like Cruz?
        The only one who has actually DONE what you claim you want?
        While Cruz was standing alone against the “establishment” on the Senate Floor, or in front of the Supreme Court arguing and winning for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, where was Trump?
        Oh yeah, he was giving piles of money to Hillary, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Weiner, etc. and selling his products made in China and Mexico.