Watch: Former Clinton Mistress Speaks out With DARK Secret From Bill’s Past

The former president who once told America he “didn’t inhale,” was a cocaine user back in 1983, according to a woman who spoke openly about her affair with Clinton while he was governor of Arkansas.

“We laughed a lot and we had fun,” Sally Miller said recently. “Of course, he didn’t need it, but I think it may have become a habit that he smoked marijuana and that he did coke.”

While being interviewed by Kyle Olsen of The American Mirror, Miller — who was the Miss Arkansas of 1958 and for years has openly discussed her fling with Clinton — rapped on a coffee table near where she was sitting.

“I just realized this is the table. It’s funny just sitting here — all my furniture I’ve collected through the years, but this is the couch he sat on, and that’s the table,” said Miller, who once referred to Clinton as “a real pro” for the equipment he brought to her house when he wanted to use drugs.

“When he did coke, he brought a little — like a woman’s cosmetic case, that’s the only thing I can describe. And he put it down here, pushed everything aside. And he rolled it out and there was this little mat and he sprinkled this white powder,” she said.

“He took a few big snorts and he felt better, I guess, because he had a big smile on his face,” she said. (Read more from “Watch: Former Clinton Mistress Speaks out With DARK Secret From Bill’s Past” HERE)

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  • Paul

    A little coke helps him to keep up with the young ladies for a long time. Otherwise, he’d be called “quick Billy” if you know what I mean.

  • RWS

    What a depraved man. And yet Americans twice chose him to head an ever more powerful, ever more oppressive government.

    Wait! Am I talking about Clinton? Or Obama?

    • Daddy Kickass


  • scxjpfe787

    I bet miss Arkansas enjoyed that pot and coke as well, as she was doing someone husband. Really? Kind of sounds like GW as well. Remember?
    The humanity of all the goody goody hypocrites.

  • Bob Trower

    Both Clinton’s are like magic. Both belong in jail for reasons we have never heard about. It really makes no difference what the Clinton’s have done or what they do in the future. They manage to weasel out of it. And it is no fault but ours. We get what we deserve.

  • SF soldier

    Scum lives with scum!

  • rottenrollin

    A true American……..Things Go Better With Coke, eh?

    I did NOT have sex with that woman………. IS ???