Watch: Trump Just Gave Unifying Speech Following Major Wins – Starts It off Saying THIS to Cruz

After what can only be described as a very successful Super Tuesday evening for presidential candidate Donald Trump, he took to the stage at his Mara-a-Lago resort to give a victory speech that was not only celebratory, but also conciliatory towards his GOP rivals.

In particular, Trump reached out to Texas Senator Ted Cruz and congratulated him for his hard work in Texas. “I do congratulate Ted Cruz, because I know how hard Ted worked in Texas,” he said.

And while Trump has identified himself as a “unifier” in the past, tonight it was a central theme to his message. “I am a unifer,” he said. “I would love to see the Republican Party and everybody get together and unify.”

It seems likely that as Trump gets closer to being the Republican nominee, he will need to mend old wounds and unify the party behind him in the difficult fight against Hillary Clinton.

Trump expressed optimism that going forward, a Trump candidacy will not only win the Hispanic and African American vote, but also take votes away from the Democratic Party. “I think we’re going to be more inclusive… more unified, and I think we’re going to be a much bigger party,” said Trump. (Read more from “Watch: Trump Just Gave Unifying Speech Following Major Wins – Starts It off Saying THIS to Cruz” HERE)

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  • CaptTurbo

    Why is Trump letting that fat can of Crisco suck up to him like that?

    • mikecnj

      Because 1/2 of NYC-Long Island has property in northern NJ

  • Betsy Ross

    Cruz also congratulated Trump on his victories. I’ll still take Cruz any day of the week over Donald Trump.

    • CaptTurbo

      I agree Betsy. It’s like the choice between chicken salad and chicken scat.

    • Sheilaomercado3

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    • mikecnj

      Our 2016 General Election choices :

      Miss Piggy or The Hair

  • greg stoddard

    In the general elections I voted for McCain trying to prevent obummuh, voted for Romney for same, and will for Trump to prevent the worst despot of all, Clinton from finishing the destruction of our Republic. Cruz, my favorite, fell short on the conversation of the threat of Islam to the US that Trump brought to the forefront. I also think Trump has a better chance against Clinton. Question: In November, if the choice is Clinton or Trump, what will you do? Many of my Libertarian friends claim they will vote their LP candidate which logically in the general won’t help defeat Clinton. Trump will achieve border security, push back on Islam’s threat in-to America and won’t ”mess with the 2nd amendment”. His choice for VP should help skeptics come aboard. I know we don’t have an ideal person in any of the choices, so what’s new?

    • mikecnj

      Trump :
      Mil and Vets

    • CaptTurbo

      It is widely believed that Cruz would have a much better chance at beating Her Thighness, the Duchess of Chaffington then Trump. I think you are deceiving yourself if you believe touch-back Trump will cure our problems with the illegal trash.

  • usncb

    Trump is a WHITE Obama and he is put here in this election by higher powers. nobody like the liberties and freedoms that we enjoy by our Constitution. Everybody in this sick ass world wants to destroy the USA. NO LAWS, ONLY WHAT FITS AT THE TIME FOR AN INFRACTION. These higher powers want to destroy us and rule the world so there will be constant wars.

  • JosephinaAngelina

    Trump has graciously said that he is willing to unite – even with a nasty, nasty guys and liars.