When Judge Napolitano Saw Obama’s Supreme Court Pick, He Dropped a BOMBSHELL Obama Will Hate

By Stephen Conway. President Obama has named Merrick Garland as his nominee to succeed Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Garland, a federal appeals judge for the District of Columbia, came out on top of a short list of potential nominees devised by the president.

“It’s not a responsibility I take lightly,” Obama said of his choice during a Rose Garden ceremony Wednesday.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, senior judiciary analyst for Fox News, said during an appearance on the network this morning that the nomination is a “lose-lose” for the President.

“It’s dangerous to appoint somebody to the court with a 19-year track record,” said Napolitano, pointing out that such a long record gives opponents plenty of rulings to criticize. “This is not a win for President Obama.”

Napolitano went on to say that Garland is the most conservative appointee a Democrat president has nominated. That could frustrate Senate Republicans, who must pledge to block the nominee of someone who is relatively conservative in nature. (Read more from “When Judge Napolitano Saw Obama’s Supreme Court Pick, He Dropped a BOMBSHELL Obama Will Hate” HERE)


Democrats Plan Push to Force Hearings on Supreme Court Nomination

By Mike DeBonis and Juliet Eilperin. Democrats began laying out an aggressive strategy Thursday to get Judge Merrick Garland considered by the Senate and seated on the Supreme Court, over what appears to be implacable Republican opposition.

The approach, which is being implemented in part by a well-organized group led by former aides to President Obama, involves targeting vulnerable GOP Senate incumbents for defeat by portraying them as unwilling to fulfill the basic duties of their office. The idea is to so threaten the Republicans’ Senate majority that party leaders will reconsider blocking hearings on Garland’s nomination.

“You’re going to be surprised at how hard we’re going to work to make sure this is on the front pages of all the papers,” Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters after meeting with Garland on Thursday.

At the White House, Obama held a conference call with thousands of supporters across the country while senior adviser Valerie Jarrett met on Capitol Hill with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters he had no details of a specific request Obama was making on the call. “But I think the president sent a pretty clear signal, though, that this a high priority of his, and he hoped that this would be a priority that people all across the country would share,” he said. (Read more from “Democrats Plan Push to Force Hearings on Supreme Court Nomination” HERE)

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  • Ardvark

    If garland is a conservative, then the tooth fairy does really exist!

    • Kent2012

      Santa Claus too, but only if you are a democrapo politician or a parasite voter…Real Americans must continue to work to pay for the clown circus..

    • deanbob

      How many conservatives are staunch gun control advocates? Garland is a progressive who’d likely side with the other liberals at least 90% of the time.

  • raynbene

    And it’s of no use to point how the democRATS did this very same thing in 2007 to G.W.Bush in his last year, or how they did a hatchet job on Judge Bork. They are masters of deceit, treachery, and hypocrisy, all the while convincing their mindless voters they are the only ones who ‘stand up for American values’ – or something.

  • Flayer

    If he’s so great the next POTUS can fight for him.

  • gunnerv1

    Harry better be on his guard again, he just might get the crap kicked out of himself (again), he just might get another “Object Lesson”.

  • Barbaree

    With this administration, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if an agreement is made with any nominee on how to vote.

  • 4freedom

    I really respect Judge Napolitano, but this is a stretch saying Garland is relatively conservative in nature, I assure you O would never appoint someone who has any conservative bones. It might obstruct our march into the NWO.