Wikileaks Publishes Searchable Hillary Clinton Email Archive

Wikileaks, an international organization that publishes leaked classified and government documents, recently made available over 30,000 e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s private server, in which can be found collusion with Google and YouTube to block access to the infamous video which she blamed as a catalyst for the 2012 Benghazi consulate attacks.

The private server, which has become a recurring issue during Clinton’s presidential campaign, was stored in the Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York. This act was a direct violation of normal federal government record-keeping procedures at the Department of State and became a more severe offense when it was revealed that Clinton’s server contained nearly 2,100 e-mails that were officially marked classified.

Although Clinton has maintained that the purpose of the server was strictly “a matter of convenience,” the FBI has started an investigation to determine if her use of the private server to transmit classified information is unlawful. According to the investigation, “more than 26 percent of them contained information that the government now deems classified or secret.” (Read more from “Wikileaks Publishes Searchable Hillary Clinton Email Archive” HERE)

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