Wow: Look Who Was Just Officially ‘Drafted’ for President – It’s NOT Who You’re Thinking

By Gerry Urbanek. The suspension of the Jeb Bush campaign last month, along with the poor performance of Sen. Marco Rubio on Super Tuesday, has caused panic amongst those who fear a Donald Trump nomination . . .

The newly created super-PAC, the “Committee to Draft Speaker Ryan,” officially filed its paperwork Thursday with the Federal Election Commission. The only information associated with the PAC is that David Satterfield is the organization’s founder, though more information is expected to be released soon.

As the name implies, the super-PAC will seek to draft current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to run against Trump for the Republican nomination. Speaker Ryan, however, says he has no intention of doing this and has repeatedly declined requests to announce a candidacy.

In response to the creation of this new super-PAC, Ashlee Strong, a spokeswoman for the Speaker, said: “He is flattered, but not interested.”

Satterfield was previously the treasurer for the late Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, who served as both a Democrat and a Republican during his time in office. Satterfield has also operated a super-PAC with ties to Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, in an effort to oppose President Obama. (Read more from “Wow: Look Who Was Just Officially ‘Drafted’ for President – It’s NOT Who You’re Thinking” HERE)


Republicans in Tailspin, Group Forms to Draft Ryan for US President

By Doina Chiacu and Megan Cassella. With U.S. Republicans sharply split over a front-runner they cannot unite behind, a new group is trying to push the country’s top elected Republican, Paul Ryan, into the White House race.

The Committee to Draft Speaker Ryan filed papers as a Super PAC with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday, adding to the groups of mainstream Republican leaders and donors with a shared goal: stopping Trump.

Ryan, the House of Representatives speaker who spoke out against Trump for not quickly rejecting white supremacist support, did not appear ready to take on the role.

“He is flattered, but not interested,” Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong said in an email on Friday. (Read more from “Republicans in Tailspin, Group Forms to Draft Ryan for US President” HERE)

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  • usncb

    Great, why do ( they ) always pick the traitors ?

    • Isn’t it obvious? Birds of a feather flock together.

      • ArmyCombatVet

        Ryan is nothing but a freaking sellout, another yes man for the criminal illegal White House muslim! One has to look no further than the damage he’s done since becoming sqeaker of the house! Like all of our employees, we knew he was lying because his lips were moving!

        • KDC

          Hence the endorsement from Boehner.

  • CaptTurbo

    Ryan is widely despised by Conservatives and would get no traction. The RINO establishment could easily commit suicide with the stupidity they are displaying. We need to all come together behind Ted Cruz and turn this mess around.

    • RWS

      Now that Ben Carson’s out, Ted Cruz is the only appealling candidate left — but there’s still that Constitutional problem . . . .

      • Kevin

        Ted Cruz is, easily, the best choice for 2016. And, he IS constitutionally eligible. Most legal experts are agreeing on this (just not the Leftist ones that are all over tv).

        • KDC

          Even his law school professor, Laurence Tribe said he is
          trying to “slip AROUND the constitution”. that is his greatest lie of all, trying to be POTUS when he may not even be a us citizen, let alone a natural born citizen!

          • George E. Smith

            How do you know if our current fearless leader was born a citizen — of the US, that is? An obviously fake birth certificate?
            The BC says his father was Kenyan (African). As a Kenyan, his father was a British citizen. According to British law (British Nationality Act of 1948) ‘children fathered by British citizens are British at birth.’ And, it don’t matter where they are born.
            When he was in the Illinois State Senate he was often referred to — and was proud of the fact that he was “The Senator From Kenya.” When he was elected president the Kenyan legislature

            celebrated and referred to him as a “Son of the Soil” of Kenya.
            Another thing has me wondering. If you have ever done drugs, you can not join the military.
            When Obama was in Hi School in Hawaii, him and his “Choom Gang” cohorts smoked a lot of pot.
            So, how is he qualified to be the “Commander in Chief” of our military? Seems contradictory!

          • George E. Smith

            Show me how our current ‘fearless leader’ is actually an American citizen. According to British law, he was born British due to his Kenyan father who was British.
            He was adopted and became an Indonesian citizen by the name of Barry Soetoro.
            He went to collage here on a foreign student visa under his adopted name — if he was an American, why not regular US student enrollment?
            When and how did he become an American citizen? How and when did he get his birth name back? Why?
            Don’t tell me that he has a valid Hawaiin birth certificate. The one shown on the internet was made on a graphics computer, he was born long before they were invented. (When he was born the usual methods of filling out the BC in was either typewriter or by pen.)
            It has 9 layers of entries, any modifications make a BC invalid!
            The name of the hospital where the BC says he was born didn’t exist until two hospitals merged in 1978.
            And a woman (forgot her name) has confessed to making up the BC.

            Now, tell me again about “trying to slip around the Constitution…..?”)

          • KDC

            George, and your point is what? I agree 100%

    • I will NEVER vote for Cruz or Rubio. One ineligible usurper in the White House was enough. We should try upholding the Constitution this time, before we lose it completely.

      • CaptTurbo

        A Trump Presidency would be a disaster though if he’s the nominee you will probably get Hillary which is even worse.

        • So you would rather help to violate the Constitution by electing another constitutionally ineligible candidate in office just to win an election? Then why do er even have a Constitution? When it has been completely eradicated, so will all of your rights and freedoms.

          • CaptTurbo

            Ironic that you argue against the lone staunch supporter of the Constitution in the race. The way I see it Cruz is the one slim chance the republic has to survive. It’s probably too late in any case.

          • Cruz, “the lone staunch supporter of the Constitution in the race”, what a joke. If Cruz even remotely supported the Constitution, he would not even be running, because, as such an intelligent attorney, he knows that he is violating the Constitution by running because he is NOT a “natural born citizen”, which makes him constitutionally ineligible.

          • Walker

            Amen!! He is not eligible, and he KNOWS it.

          • Bob Trower

            He is eligible and he and everyone that is paying attention knows it.

          • KDC


          • George E. Smith

            Who would you rather have? Cruz or that dude that is currently living in Barackingham Palace?

            Get real, Rev.
            Why do you think the current resident had all his records sealed (early reports say he spent $1 million or more to seal those records. The fact that his father is claimed to be from Kenya disqualifies him!**) and claimed eligibility with a fake birth certificate?
            (**NBC status, as understood by the Founding Fathers, meant both parents are US citizens, not where you were born! If the deciding factor was where you were born, any of the so-called “anchor babies” could run for the office!)

          • Bob Trower

            Is it possible for you to say something intelligent? It has been proved many times over that Cruz can be legal president .
            No need for you to respond. I know what you are going to say. Come up with something new.

          • I am going to reply any way. You are showing your utter ignorance, because no such thing has been proven. Now I am going to ask you a question; Since Cruz did NOT legally renounce is Canadian citizenship until May, 2014, then how, by any stretch of the imagination can he be a LEGAL United States Senator? Cruz ran for, was elected and sworn in as a U.S. Senator in 2012, when he was still a legal citizen of Canada. If you do not believe me, do an internet search for yourself.

          • Bob Trower

            Hey dummy, he HAD duel citizenship, America and Canada. He RENOUNCED his Canada citizenship. If your parents were on vacation in Canada when you were born, you would also have duel citizenship and maybe not even be aware of it or care. But that would not mean that you were not an American.
            Just because you are stupid, doesn’t make him no legal. You are going to have to come up with another reason that he can’t be president because your idea ain’t working.

          • raynbene

            Do you honestly think Trump could possibly be worse than the gay muslime communist we have now ?? Get real ! !

          • Bob Trower

            A fence post would be better than the president we have now. But that doesn’t mean that Trump is the best answer.

          • George E. Smith

            Hey, reverend, our current fearless leader violates the Constitution just about each and every time he reaches for his pen or his phone.

            The reason for the Constitutional requirement for the POTUS to be a ‘Natural born Citizen’ is so the one elected will not have “dual loyalties.”
            Strangely, Cruz, not an NBC as the Founding Fathers understood the term, seems to be the only one that follows the Constitution. I have seen no indications that he has ‘dual loyalties.’

          • How can he be following the Constitution when he is running for President knowing that he he is NOT a natural born citizen?

          • Bob Trower

            Cruz studied and was a brilliant student of the constitution. He knows, loves and honors the constitution better than an anyone in the supreme court.
            And Rev. I would bet he even knows and honors better than you.

        • KDC

          Disaster…he’s the only one that’s honest and sincere about turning America around. Cruz is ineligible and a globalist elite. Not good for any of us. Cruz’s Conservative Talk and Liberal Walk…is what he’s about.
          Ted Cruz is a puppet for the New World Order’s UN Agenda 21. Yes, Cruz is pushing the Wildlands Project. From The Marshall Report, “He is coming in through a partial truth – that states want their federal confiscated lands returned. He then is on your side. Then he says – states have to maintain these, and if they can’t, they can sell them. So the land will be sold to foreign entities for minerals and logging, etc. We the people lose our resources and our land. This is all part of the Wildlands Project to aggregate the land into NWO globalists’ hands and steal it from the people.

          • CaptTurbo

            Wrong on every count.

          • Since Cruz did NOT legally renounce is Canadian citizenship until May, 2014, then how, by any stretch of the imagination can he be a LEGAL United States Senator? Cruz ran for, was elected and sworn in as a U.S. Senator in 2012, when he was still a legal citizen of Canada. If you do not believe me, do an internet search for yourself.

          • George E. Smith

            The “federal land” on and within any of the states borders should be state land. And should be required to stay that way.
            Show me anywhere in the Constitution where it allows state land to be “owned” by the Federal government without purchase from the state for military bases, etc.
            As far as the NWO’s UN Agenda 21, it is the current occupant of the WH that is trying to put the land — all the land — and the people also, under UN control.

            Part of his “fundamental transformation” for his “legacy” no doubt. I’d be surprised if he leaves office before he accomplishes his goal or legacy.

          • carlosperdue

            Reality: If you turn that federal land over to the states, you might as well deed it right over to the ChiComs, the Saudis, and corrupt developers.

          • George E. Smith

            A lot of the Eastern states do not have federal land within their borders. Actually, I see no reason for the feds to own any land other than Wash. D.C., unless they have purchased it from the states for a specific reason.
            Make it a criminal offense for the states to sell any land or the rights to what’s on it or in it to anyone not an American citizen, born and bred here.

          • carlosperdue

            Then they’ll sell it to corrupt insider conncected political pukes like Harry Reid’s son, one of many “American” citizens who should be stripped of citizenship and deported” . Local governments in my experience are every bit as corrupt as the federales, corrupt politicians selling us out to developers and so forth. No, the only way to prevent the theft is to deed it to the American people so that if it’s sold we get our share. But then it’s supposedly ours already.

            I agree though, it should be illegal for non citizens to own land in the USA, whether they buy it from government or a citizen.

          • George E. Smith

            Sounds good to me. Bring We The People in on any sale of the state land. Put it to a vote of the people after explaining the situation and

            the pros and cons, what the land will be used for, how it will effect the people, etc.

      • George E. Smith

        Cruz is the only one that seems to honor and follow the Constitution.
        Every one that holds high office took an oath to do it, but alak and alas, it seems none of the others even know what the Constitution is.

        • Apparently Cruz doesn’t even know what the Constitution is either, because he certainly is NOT honoring it, by running for an office he is not eligible to hold.

          • George E. Smith

            The reason the Founding Fathers wanted an NBC status for POTUS (and there seems to be disagreement on what that means…..) is they didn’t want people with “dual loyalties” to hold the office of POTUS.

            I have heard that if you were born in America then you are eligible. That would allow ‘anchor babies,’ when they became of age, to qualify, would it not? How silly!

            The requirement for NBC status is that both parents be US Citizens, not necessarily where you were born.

            When Hawaii became a state a lot of the residents born there had not been issued a BC. But, as a state the people had to have BCs. They were issued BCs by mail. I understand that a lot of foreigners whose children have never been to Hawaii got Hawaiian BCs by mail. Just had to have kin living in Hawaii so the transaction had a local address. Wouldn’t it seem that the children could also “qualify,” (on paper) even though they were never in the US?

            Do you think they would have “loyalties” only to the USA and it’s people?
            A lot of the “establishment” politicians get voted in then sell out their allegiance to the croney capitalists or other special interests and to hell with “We The People” that voted to get them into office.
            Cruz may not qualify for NBC status, but my observation is that he is “pro America” and “pro Constitution.” No dual loyalties!

            I think his 10 years working with SCOTUS qualifies him as one of the best “pro American” types!

            Unless I see otherwise, he gets my vote.

        • carlosperdue

          Except for the presidential eligibility clause, on which he and his supporters defecate. They’re all pro-Constitution until something in it is inconvenient.

      • 1LTLos

        I will suggest that you do research on Ted Cruz’s qualifications as Texas Solicitor General arguing and winning Constitutionally founded cases and his highest of the Harvard Law class – unlike the lying loser Obama who in 12 years of “academics” never wrote a paper, article or book worth wiping his tail with or at al!. Cruz is the single Constitutionalist and statesman in the bunch – I dont want him to have to run for prez so early in his career – but he outclasses all the rest. This pathetic freak in the whitehouse has caused so much destruction I do not think you can undo this at once. The Declaration states “installing NEW GUARDS to secure our future.” Maybe Cruz with Trump beside him can do the job. I never heard you complain about ineligible Obscumbo — Cruz is a great candidate – screw the RINOS and republocrats

        • It makes no difference how great Cruz may be at arguing cases, or how high his ranking at Harvard, he is till constitutionally ineligible. But if you think that the best way to heal America is to violate the Constitution by electing another ineligible candidate, then be my guest, but don’t complain when the Constitution is gone for good.

          • George E. Smith

            Using the No Dual Loyalties” meaning for the reason that the POTUS be a Natural Born Citizen (i.e., both parents being U.S Citizens), Who, that is now running, fits that qualification

            A lot of those who fit the parentage qualification do not fit the loyalties reason for that Constitutional clause.
            Would you want the Satan to get elected as God, the ruler of Heaven?
            Get your head on straight, Rev.!

        • George E. Smith

          Amen, Bro!
          Well said!

    • KDC

      Don’t you get it? Cruz is one of them.


    They can pick whom ever they want BUT WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE

  • Bill Meeker

    Good choice. Maybe he can smooth talk BO into staying on as his top advisor. Only problem with this idea is there isn’t a chance the People will go along with it.

  • wandamurline

    The Republicans are trying to hi-jack the election and this says to us voters….your vote does not matter….if they do this, We The People will form our own party and the Republicans will become the Whiggs when the Republicans took them over years ago. It will be a death sentence of the Republican party.

    • wandamurline

      Yes, they are headed down the path of the Whigg party, who tried the same thing about 100 years ago and that is when the Republican party was founded and the Whigg party died….if the the RNC tries to hi-jack the people’s choice, it will be the end of the Republican party and a new party will take them over. The RNC DOES NOT decide who will be our candidate….the VOTERS decide who will be our candidate…..if they don’t like our choice, then they need to get over it. And any Senator or Congressperson trying to disenfranchise our votes …. we will see that they lose their job at their next election….it is time to clear the cesspool sewer in Washington…and the sooner Obozo and his clan are gone, the better.

    • George E. Smith

      I think when you refer to the Republicans you are really talking about the RINOs. They seem to have joined the democrat party on the sly and think their game of “let’s pretend” will fool We The People.

  • Ardvark

    The arrogance of the Republican Party is beyond belief and the reason I think many will leave and become independents! The Democrats follow the communist ideology and the Republicans are not far behind!

    • carlosperdue

      Part of me hopes the vampires who run the R party steal the nom from Trump and force him to run independent.

      • George E. Smith

        Might be the RINO’s undoing! I understand that the republican party came about by a similar situation.
        Remember the Whigs?
        Those that do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them (G Santayana)
        One thing we can learn from the study of history is that nobody seems to learn the lessons thereof! (G. Hegel)

  • mikecnj

    Well …
    If Last-Rounds-Loser “A” wont do,
    try Last-Rounds-Loser “B”.

  • autopunch

    God forbid they should just have Rubio and Kasich drop out and go with an actual plausible situation of Cruz n trump in a head to head. It shows you how much the establishment hates Cruz. They’d be willing to allow Trump to win run Ryan third party and allow Clinton to walk into the whitehouse then back Cruz or not even back him just get out of the way. why do they hate conservatives so much?

    • Walker

      I don’t know what facts you have been looking at, but the establishment is fighting Trump every step of the way.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Forget it Ryan is just another politician and a RINO at that. The party members are not going to allow the power brokers to pick our candidate this time.

  • dufus

    Paul Ryan is a RINO. What a joke! Go Trump 2016.

  • dufus

    You uninformed voters better read Bill Bennett’s take. If you are as smart as you think you are at least get some facts!

    • carlosperdue

      Good grief. Another celeb worshiper. Bill Bennett is a gun-grabbing, open-immigration, establishment-elitist, pseudo-intellectual RINO poseur whose biggest claim to fame is going on a date with Janis Joplin. Bennett is not your pal. Bennett’s gun treason was highly instrumental in Bush 1’s executive “assault weapon” import ban, the California “assault weapon” ban, and the national “assault weapon” ban.

      Even with nearly 100 million Americans unemployed or on welfare, Bennett pimps the WSJ fairy tale that open-immigration is one big happy meal, and sells out his countrymen for “cheap labor”.

  • blackyb

    The Leftists cannot seem to keep their minds above their azzes.

  • Martin Church

    The WEAK are always looking for ways to tear down what the strong has and are building. This theory not only applies to the thugs on the streets of America, but also applies to the thugs and tyrants that want to control our government and “We-The-People.” They are unable to control themselves, therefore, to boost their inflated egos, they will stop at nothing to force their misguided intellectual ideas on those that elected them. After they are elected with their “Lying Rhetoric” its back to business as usual. A prime example is the last campaign, when the voters of America handed the republicans a “SOLID MAJORITY”, based on the lies based on promises to nullify the Traitorous acts of the Obama Administration. None of this promises have come to fruition, but we constantly here these came empty promises. Now that there is a man who appears to be a true American Patriot that has stepped up to the plate with some concrete ideas to make “America Great Again”, all the Establishment Professional Self Serving Politicians are scrambling to “Discredit” him with half Truths, and again lies. Plus, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel and bring forth LOSERS of the past to challenge a man with a proven success record, since those declared candidates have shown the voters they have NO integrity to become the president of the United States of America. They have had 2 years to keep those promises but have produced NO tangible results of success. If they had used a small amount of the energy they have used in discrediting Mr Trump, in keeping their promises made during the last campaign, America would not be in the SAD state of affairs it is in today. Therefore, America will elect Mr Trump as our next president, baring that these corrupt politicians can not produce some trickery to “FOOL” the voters into falling for their corruption, and hopefully, these misguided politicians will be able to learn how to be true “Statesmen” and servants of “We-The-People.” America – Don’t Fall for their trickery and vote for a real proven leader – Mr Donald Trump. He seems to be the best candidate to lead America back to a Nation it once was – A World Class Nation among the Nations of the World. Let us all help Mr Trump in making America Great Again. May God Bless America Again – In God We Trust.

    • ArmyCombatVet

      Well stated and the only rational conclusion. I left the GOP a couple of elections ago, they are no better then the Asses, both infinitely corrupt self-dealing traitors! We have, for all intents and purposes, a one party system in America, a Communist party hiding behind the facade of the once great nation handed to us by our founders, pretending to be conservative. Well Halloween is over, they can remove the masks now and surrender for treason, sedition and massive theft of our nation’s treasury for generations! So many of my brothers died for these miserable cowards so they could enrich themselves in wars we never belonged in. Attack America and kiss your a** goodby, other than that not our problem! Oh, and illegal immigrants to include all non-Christian muslims, auto eject or we will eject you. Your not welcome in America. Keep destroying Europe, we’re not blind to you savages and we’re not playing. We need a leader, a real American who will kick butt and take no prisoners. Don’t give me the weak Cruz-Rubio sermon, those dogs don’t hunt! We need a General Patton not another self-dealing lawyer!

      • Walker

        You should rejoin the party to fight against the establishment by voting in the primary.
        Go Trump!

        • fedupwithmentalcases


      • fedupwithmentalcases


        • ArmyCombatVet

          It has devolved into a one party system …..Communist! That’s not what we served to support and defend and that so many lost their lives for while the criminal politicians were secure in their dens of iniquity, putting their noses where they didn’t belong, tying the hands of the military on the front lines!

          That dog don’t hunt!

  • Sue

    I am upset about how Carson was treated by the media. He would have been an excellent president. Rubio, no. Cruz, no. Kasick, maybe (but he doesn’t have a chance). I don’t like Trump but I despise Hillary.

  • Walker

    “We the people” didn’t want Ryan for Speaker of the House. Why would we want him for president?? He is a RINO, no more RINOs.
    Go Trump!!

  • Colo43

    Picking Ryan is a sure way to give the Presidency to Clinton.
    Trump 2016 is the way to make things happen for the Better.

  • fedupwithmentalcases


  • KDC

    “Please, anyone but Trump, so we can proceed as business as usual and ignore the people, further our agenda, and reap the benefits for doing nothing. RINO elites, every last one of them. All of them are corrupt on both sides. Oh, wait, the people ” think” there are two sides, but there’s really only one. Faciests!

  • The GOP rift is a small number of elite, globalist, RINO leaders vs. a majority who are the true foundation of American conservatism.
    It is the height of hypocrisy for Obama enabling @SenateMajLdr @SpeakerRyan saying @RealDonaldTrump not conservative.
    For 30 yrs Globalist Rep. elite have been traitors to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, balanced budgets, smaller government and America 1st.
    And a brokered convention is where the establishment lane goes over a cliff and destroys the GOP as a viable party. The price of 30 yrs of treachery: Elite RINOs will allow the base to choose an outsider or the base will destroy the GOP!

  • George E. Smith

    More reason to vote for either Trump or Cruz!
    I think the two of them would make good team!

  • Tony

    Are you kidding me? Paul Ryan is the weakest Republican Candidate you can find. The inept, low IQ, brainless Vice President, Joe Biden, wiped the floor with Ryan during their debate in 2012. Any high school freshman could beat Joe Biden in a debate. Get real—go with Trump.

  • carlosperdue

    Draft RYNO Ryan? Drafting that bearded metro puke collaborator is yet another genius move that would cause the premature death of the Republican party. It’s already being killed thanks to excessive immigration both LEGAL and illegal, ala California.

    Speaking of California, another thing that accelerated the death of the R party was term limits. Cali has had term limits since 1990. All it did was flush the babies with the bath water and rapidly accelerated the Reconquista. Yet in spite of the clear empirical evidence, there’s still no shortage of geniuses who think term limits will solve all their problems nationally.