Latest Primary Has Big Impact on Clinton Campaign

Though the primary election did not play out as the coronation many pundits initially forecast, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has reportedly amassed the 2,383 delegates needed to become her party’s presumptive nominee. Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has proved a popular alternative among left-leaning voters, was not able to make up for the deficit he faced among Democrat-exclusive superdelegates.

Reports indicate the Puerto Rico primary, along with late support from uncommitted superdelegates, put Clinton over the threshold.

According to the Associated Press, 571 of the 714 Democratic superdelegates — a group made up of influential party leaders — supported Clinton, with less than 100 still uncommitted. These members of the Democratic Party’s elite have played a pivotal role in securing Clinton’s presumptive nomination.

One superdelegate, Alabama Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy Worley, pledged her vote to Clinton recently in an effort to wrap up the primary election and allow Clinton to focus on her race against presumptive general-election rival Donald Trump.

“We really need to bring a close to this primary process and get on to defeating Donald Trump,” she said.

Another superdelegate, Michael Brown of Washington, D.C., explained the reason for his late-in-the-game support for the former first lady.

“It’s time to stand behind our presumptive candidate,” he declared. “We shouldn’t be acting like we are undecided when the people of America have spoken.” (For more from the author of “Latest Primary Has Big Impact on Clinton Campaign” please click HERE)

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