White House Addresses Decision Not to Support Cops With Blue Light Display

Though the Obama White House has been illuminated to show support for other causes, most notably the legalization of gay marriage, numerous critics pointed out the mansion received no such treatment following the recent mass shooting that left five Dallas police officers dead.

Reports indicate the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association sent a request to the administration to shine blue light on the White House as a memorial to the officers killed and injured, though the effort was not successful.

“Actions speak louder than scripted words,” FLEOA president Jon Adler wrote in a statement, “and the honorable act of displaying law enforcement’s ‘Thin Blue Line’ at the White House would demonstrate the President’s sincere commitment to our fallen heroes and their families.”

In response to a question asked by a reporter on Wednesday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest reportedly confirmed turning the White House blue is “not something we plan to do at this point.”

Further explaining the decision to limit its public display of support for the law enforcement community, the administration described President Barack Obama’s actions thus far as sufficient.

“The president has chosen to acknowledge this loss and pay tribute to these heroes in a variety of other ways,” the White House statement asserted, “including: ordering flags lowered to half staff, traveling to Dallas to speak at the memorial service and spending a substantial amount of time after the service visiting with the families of those who were lost.”

Earnest confirmed Obama was slated to host a White House meeting on Wednesday “that will include law enforcement officials” in addition to “activists, academics, civil rights leaders, local political leaders from across the country.” (For more from the author of “White House Addresses Decision Not to Support Cops With Blue Light Display” please click HERE)

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