Lies, Lies, and More Lies: “New” Alaska Republican Party, Same as the Old

The new boss? Same as the old. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Alaska Republican Party Chair Tuckerman Babcock today filed an FEC complaint against Joe Miller’s campaign filled with fabrications and lies.

Either Tuckerman Babcock is incompetent, or dishonest. There isn’t much middle ground.

It should be readily apparent that an LLC (Restoring Liberty) solely owned by the principal (Joe) can make unlimited contributions. The only quibble can be over the value. Yet Mr. Babcock complains both that the campaign didn’t disclose enough, and that it disclosed too much.

Below are the complaints filed with the Federal Election Commission:

1. Made illegal corporate contributions to the Miller campaign – This is categorically false. Joe solely owns and controls Restoring Liberty, LLC. It is completely legal for Joe Miller to donate his own money and resources. See Federal Election Campaign Guide, page 29.

2. Illegally accepted extremely valuable in-kind campaign contributions from corporate sponsors – This also is patently false. See above.

3. Illegally accepted unlawful or excess contributions in the form of free rent for the headquarters – This is also false, checks went out before the complaint was filed. There was a clerical error in the report. Will be included in forthcoming amended filing.

4. Accepted email and other lists from corporate entities without paying fair value – This is also completely untrue, and without warrant. See No. 1.

5. Transferred use of “corporate” social media accounts without paying fair value – False claim. Restoring Liberty has a separate Facebook account. Even if Joe were using Restoring Liberty accounts, it would still be untrue. See No. 1.

6. Placed a direct link to his US Senate campaign on a for-profit corporate website without paying fair value – False claim. Already disclosed as in-kind donation. See No. 1.

7. Made numerous solicitations for campaign donations without a proper disclaimer – This claim is partially true. We are aware of one email that was sent at the beginning of the campaign without a proper disclaimer. When it was discovered, the error was immediately corrected in further communications. It is being investigated to determine if there was indeed more than one.

8. Utilized yard signs and other materials with inaccurate disclaimers – Volunteers have utilized old campaign material. However, to suggest this represents an FEC violation is absurd.

9. Solicited donations via radio communications without a proper disclaimer – It is unknown what is being claimed here. Appears to be a complete fabrication.

10. Failure to properly disclose receipts and expenditures – There were some incidental omissions that will appear in the amended form.

11. Fabricated certain in-kind contributions – False statement. Citizens for Joe Miller received tens of thousands of old mailers paid for by the Alaska Republican Party that were reported as an in-kind contribution.

Lisa Murkowski and Tuckerman Babcock are clearly desperate to change the subject. Murkowski’s campaign is sinking in the polls, and Babcock has his own house to clean. These kinds of frivolous complaints are a clear sign that the senator is losing.

Here’s hoping Mr. Babcock will come clean and shed some light on the troubling $150,000+ Murkowski-ARP money laundering scheme.