FOUND! Joe Miller Volunteers in Alaska Locate HEROIC Homeless Trump #StarProtector

On an Alaskan island over 2,200 miles north of Los Angeles, Eric and Vickie Weaver answered the phone to hear the voice of a homeless woman in California they’d never met, a voice bubbling over with happiness at the caring of strangers and expressing her unwavering support for Presidential candidate Donald Trump. It was an emotional moment for the Weavers as well.

This call was the finale to an intense quest that was triggered by the shocking video of an attack by leftist thugs on a homeless woman who had courageously “guarded” the Trump Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame after a Hillary supporter had vandalized the star. Immediately following the attack, the homeless lady, whose identity was yet unknown, disappeared from sight. Despite many social media announcements issued by the Trump campaign asking for assistance in locating her, she had simply vanished.

Well, that is until two Alaskans from the island town of Ketchikan got involved. Eric Weaver, a Systems Administrator for the City of Ketchikan, and his wife Vickie, who is working on an Information Technology degree, responded to the call to action issued by Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen.

The Weavers, who are involved in politics working to elect Trump and actively volunteering in Alaska on Joe Miller’s campaign for U.S. Senate, had followed the story from the outset and were alarmed at the aggressive response of the leftist thugs. The Weavers worried that if the wrong people found her first, they might harm her again. But Eric and Vickie were thousands of miles away in Alaska and no one, not even the Trump campaign, knew the name of the homeless woman who had vanished back into the streets of Los Angeles.

Fortunately Alaskans are tenacious – Eric and Vickie unleashed a marathon of online searches, data sorting and cold-calling that resulted in the discovery of her identity and garnered the involvement of an outreach worker that Eric characterizes as a “long-time street warrior” who does phenomenal work with the homeless in Los Angeles. The first real break in the search came Monday morning after many hours of online work, when Vickie discovered an article from 2013 that included a photo of the homeless lady she was looking for, identified in the article as Denise Scott and who was speaking to an outreach worker, Chris Mack.

When Eric related the story to his fellow volunteers on Joe Miller’s U.S. Senate campaign, he recounted that once a trusted working relationship was established, Chris responded immediately to Eric’s request for assistance on the streets of Los Angeles.

So when Chris and Denise’s call came in Wednesday afternoon, Eric and Vickie were elated. The search was over and the team immediately contacted Brunell Kyei, Trump’s Vice Chair of Diversity Outreach and Justin Best, the reporter who set up a GoFundMe account for Denise, that, as of this writing, had raised over $25,000 and was trending.

After notifying the Trump team, the Weaver’s broke the story on their Facebook page “Reload” which is a source for “conservative news and all things Trump and Alaska politics.”

Volunteers with the Joe Miller campaign contacted Jerry Ward, the Trump Campaign’s State Director for Alaska to share the breaking news. Mr. Ward was excited to hear that Denise Scott had been found saying “It is great Alaskans were able to find her!” and he condemned the “disgusting attack by thug bullies on the lady protecting the Donald Trump star in Hollywood.”

Disgusting indeed. During the attack, the thugs involved can be heard taunting 63-year old and homeless Denise Scott with “where is Donald Trump to protect you now?!” It goes without saying at this point that Denise Scott will enjoy the last laugh with The Donald by her side.

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