Miller’s Statewide Ads Go After Murkowski Dynasty and Chairmanship

The Joe Miller campaign today discussed a television ad and radio ad currently running statewide in Alaska, which confronts head-on the issue of Lisa Murkowski’s seniority, as well as her position as chair of the Senate Energy Committee: two of the centerpieces of her campaign messaging.

In Miller’s television ad, Lisa Murkowski: Imperial Senator, which began running over the weekend, the candidate charges, “The 36-year Murkowski dynasty has led Alaska down a dead end road.” The reference is to her father Frank Murkowski first winning the seat in the U.S. Senate in 1980 and then appointing his daughter Lisa to fill it, when he became governor in 2002.

In the ad, Frank can be seen raising Lisa’s hand in her senate office, announcing, “Hey, hey, hey, pay tribute to Caesar.”

Miller counters in the ad, “The government is the servant, not the master.”

The ad also highlights that while Murkowski has touted “fighting for Alaska,” much more of the state has been closed to resource development, and just during the last several months the federal government seized wildlife management control of 100 million acres of Alaska land, over one quarter of the state.

This has happened while Murkowski was chair of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and chair of the Subcommittee on Appropriations for Interior and the Environment.

In fact, Congressional Quarterly reported that Murkowski specifically stated she was not willing to use the power of the purse to reign in rogue federal agencies: “The top Senate Republican appropriator for the EPA indicated Thursday that she won’t write a spending bill for the agency that rolls back regulations — an approach that she hopes will win Democratic backing.”

Murkowski has not used the power she has to confront federal overreach.

A Miller radio ad currently playing in the state features Murkowski screaming, “I’m the chairrrrmmmmaaaannnn!,” at a 2014 election night event as she held a chair over her head.

The narrator states, “That’s exactly what we’re afraid of . . .” and goes on to point out the big government mindset she brings to the position, which is doing more harm than good for Alaskans.

“Lisa Murkowski has used the Energy Committee to push policies that will only end in fewer jobs, a weaker economy, and higher energy costs for all Alaskans,” the narrator states.

Murkowski is also hit for her support of cap-n-trade, carbon taxes, and increased federal mandates that create barriers to economic growth.

The ad further criticizes Murkowski for her past and present support of cutting Alaskans’ Permanent Dividend Fund (PFD) payments to fund bureaucrats and special interests, without seriously addressing the state’s budget. Miller has called the decision to cut the PFD in half, “The most regressive tax in Alaska state history, and perhaps the most regressive tax in American history.” In response, he initiated the “Save-The-PFD” recall petition in July.

“The feedback from both our television and radio ads has been phenomenal,” said campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto. “Many voters have been enlightened to how Lisa Murkowski’s rhetoric about fighting for and being the ‘Conservative Voice for Alaska’ in Washington does not match reality.”

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