This 7-Year-Old Got a Job at Mcdonald’s. The Reason Why Will Inspire You

This 7-year-old is putting all of us to shame this Christmas.

Trenton Gardner, hailing from Bicknell, Indiana, is the newest employee at his local McDonald’s. So great is his work ethic, he begged for a job there, despite his young age.

“He asked for a job and they told him he was too young, and he burst into tears because he was so upset,” General Manager Rhonda Butler told WTHI. But Trenton persisted. He kept coming back and asking for a job until he was hired as an “honorary employee.”

Now Trenton cleans tables for just $1. And he loves it. “You see, when I wipe tables and customers are at the tables, I get paid for it,” he said, “It’s the coolest job I’ve ever done.”

His manager loves it too.

“Just to see someone so young have that kind of ethic, and just want to help and be a part of something, and he’s like ‘McDonald’s is the best place ever!’,” Butler said, “So it’s good to know that hey, this could be one of my future employees.”

But the coolest part of this story is Trenton didn’t want a job for himself. He’s saving the money he makes to buy Christmas presidents for less fortunate children in his community. His family has even donated his own toys to the Toys For Tots charity.

“When Toys For Tots bins started coming out, he wanted to know what it was,” Trenton’s mother explained. “Me and his dad explained to him that not every kid is fortunate enough to get toys like he did for Christmas, and that made him very upset and very sad.”

“We’ve always raised Trenton that not everything in life is handed to you and you have to work hard for what you get,” she said, “So low and behold that led him to asking his Grandpa Terry if he could take him to McDonald’s to get a job.”

Wow. What a great kid. His parents should be proud. (For more from the author of “This 7-Year-Old Got a Job at Mcdonald’s. The Reason Why Will Inspire You” please click HERE)

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