Calm Down, Lefties: YouTube Star’s Delta Air ‘Discrimination’ Claim Could Very Well Be #Fakenews

The internet is ablaze with a story of alleged racial discrimination on a Delta Air flight Wednesday morning. But before anyone jumps to conclusions, we need to wait for all the facts.

Adam Saleh, a 22-year-old YouTube personality posted a video to Twitter in which he claimed Delta Airlines kicked him off his flight before departure for “speaking Arabic.”

The Guardian reports that Saleh was on board a flight from London to New York with his friend (and fellow YouTube personality) Slim Albaher, when both young men were escorted off the plane. Saleh alleges that fellow passengers became “uncomfortable” from his Arabic and alerted flight attendants.

Saleh posted video of the aftermath to his social media accounts, and the story has since gone viral.

According to the Guardian, in later videos Saleh claimed that flight attendants told him and his companion they were “too loud,” and asked them to speak outside the plane.

“All the racist people in there, they were like ‘we feel uncomfortable’ but because there were like 20 of those racist people, the captain came and he kicked us out,” he said. “I’m not letting this slide … They were screaming at us like we were terrorists.”

Liberal websites immediately pounced on the story before the flight even landed in the United States.

The Huffington Post U.K. neglected to use the word “allegedly” in their headline: “YouTuber Adam Saleh ‘Kicked Off Delta Airlines Flight For Speaking Arabic.’”

The Guardian, of course, is also taking Saleh at his word: “YouTube star kicked off Delta Airlines flight ‘for speaking Arabic’”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has already put the story on “Islamaphobia Watch.”

#BoycottDelta was launched in no time by Saleh to spread the word. –

Outlets that run with Saleh’s story before the entirety of the incident and facts are known open themselves up to “fake news” accusations.

We simply do not know all the facts yet. Adam Saleh claims he was the victim of racial/religious discrimination but the video he posted offers no evidence of such.

Now, this man could very well have been the victim of discrimination. Or, this self-described “professional idiot” (who produced a hoax video about racial discrimination in 2014 and posts several prank videos to his YouTube channel) could be outright deceiving the public.

Saleh has a history of trolling people on airplanes.

However, security cameras revealed his video to be fake and a spokesperson from the airline condemned his “publicity stunt.” Are these accusations against Delta Air and the flight’s passengers another stunt? We don’t know.

In a statement, Delta said: “Two customers were removed from this flight and later rebooked after a disturbance in the cabin resulted in more than 20 customers expressing their discomfort. We’re conducting a full review to understand what transpired. We are taking allegations of discrimination very seriously; our culture requires treating others with respect.”

So an investigation into the matter is underway. Again, the story could very well be true. But until a proper review of the evidence is conducted, the media should refrain from pronouncing judgement and any conclusions. After all, can they really afford to lose any more credibility than they already have? (For more from the author of “Calm Down, Lefties: YouTube Star’s Delta Air ‘Discrimination’ Claim Could Very Well Be #Fakenews” please click HERE)

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