Rick Perry Once Wanted to Cut the Department of Energy. Now Trump Wants Him to Lead It

More Trump transition team news broke late Monday night, as Fox News’ Bret Baier reported that “an informed source” close to the transition team claimed President-elect Donald Trump will nominate former Texas Governor Rick Perry to lead the government agency responsible for unleashing a trans-dimensional man-eating beast on an unsuspecting Indiana town — err, the Department of Energy.

As the former governor of Texas — one of the nation’s largest oil producing states — Rick Perry makes sense to lead the department in charge of overseeing energy production, energy conservation, and related research and development. The U.S. Department of Energy is also responsible for America’s nuclear weapons program and nuclear energy.

Observers quickly noted, however, that the DOE was one that then-presidential candidate Perry forgot in his pledge to eliminate three federal agencies during a 2012 Republican primary debate. That “oops” moment more or less ended his 2012 presidential campaign.

But Perry was right, there is certainly plenty to cut. President Obama has funneled billions of dollars into the department to subsidize black-hole green energy projects that would never be sustainable otherwise, without the cronyist backing.

Remember Solyndra? American taxpayers lost as much as $850 million to the green-project boondoggle at President Obama’s direction. But Solyndra, of course, is but one example in the rigged, ideologically driven market.

It is not the role of the federal government to step into the marketplace and aid an industry that cannot compete on a level playing field. Perry can go a long way toward ending the green-energy crony capitalism so prevalent under the Obama administration.

If the former Texas governor indeed becomes the secretary of energy, he also has the opportunity to end Obama’s war on nuclear power. The Obama administration proposed defunding the Savannah River plutonium mixed oxide recycling plant in its 2017 fiscal year budget, while increasing funding for green energy investment. Rick Perry as secretary of energy could redirect the department’s resources away from wasteful projects, and toward clean nuclear power. (For more from the author of “Rick Perry Once Wanted to Cut the Department of Energy. Now Trump Wants Him to Lead It” please click HERE)

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