Trump Made Cecile an Offer She Had to Refuse: Stop Aborting Babies or Lose $500 Million

I don’t like vague language and euphemisms. They’re the weapons of the dishonest and manipulative. Say what you mean and say it clearly.

For a long time now I’ve been cringing every time I hear the weasel words “abortion providers.” I’m begging prolifers to stop using the other side’s pet euphemisms. Stop saying Planned Parenthood “provides abortions” or “is the nation’s largest abortion provider” or any other such combination of those two words.

No one provides an abortion. It is not a beneficial, or necessary service, but an act of violence. It can only be committed. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest perpetrator of abortion. It does not provide the deaths of millions of unborn children; it causes those deaths. Planned Parenthood commits violence against the child in the womb, and against women, every single day.

The only thing being provided is the obscene profit these medical hitmen rake in for perpetrating the violence of abortion. As George Orwell warned, fuzzy language can obscure horrendous crimes, so let’s be precise in ours, for the sake of the truth.

Just How Much Do You Love Abortion?

This brings me to President Trump’s recent offer to Planned Parenthood: Want to keep your funding? No more abortions.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards replied on Twitter:

There it is. “Providing” abortions is just as important to the mission of PP as cancer screenings. (And again, for the record, for the umpteenth time, not a single PP in the nation can provide a mammogram. They may be able to do a Pap smear and an HPV test, but that’s about it.) The marketing of Planned Parenthood as a magnanimous and comprehensive health care provider for untold scores of women who will otherwise never see a real doctor and thus die of cancer … it’s all a lie. Women have thousands of other options – and far better ones.

The mission of Planned Parenthood is not cancer screenings. It’s abortion. If tomorrow Planned Parenthood could no longer commit abortions, they would close their doors. It’s that simple. The organization exists for the purpose of profiting from abortions. And at least now Cecile is finally admitting it. She wants that half a billion in taxpayer dollars, all right, but to keep it she’s not about to melt down Planned Parenthood’s golden calf. Its mission is abortion.

Cancer screenings are not lucrative. Abortion is a monumental golden cash cow. No doubt Cecile is quite fond of her nearly $600,000 annual salary, so she’s determined to keep the bloody lucre flowing. She knows that so far, no administration has had the fortitude to cut Planned Parenthood off and withstand the cutthroat retaliation she would unleash. She’s counting on that to keep our lawmakers obediently underwriting her “mission.”

Drop the vague, specious language that anesthetizes the conscience. We are talking about bloodshed, not health care. There is no possible definition of health care that can include deliberate violence against a tiny child.

It is not in the interests of a woman’s health to kill her defenseless child. Chopping tiny humans into pieces cannot be considered “care.”

The Euphemisms in Our Mouths Leave Blood on Our Hands

Amazingly, many Americans, including our lawmakers, still refuse to admit that abortion actually involves literally tearing a baby apart. We have convinced ourselves that the Reproductive Freedom Fairy comes and makes the baby disappear, with no body, no blood, no harm, and no foul. We will not even take abortionists at their own word that babies are strategically dissected so as not to crush the really valuable body parts like brains, hearts, kidneys and tiny eyes that can be sold for still more profit.

We console ourselves by clinging to the statistic that most abortions are committed before the baby’s heart or brain is big enough to be profitable. “Fetal tissue” or better yet, “clumps of cells” are simply flushed away like a bad menstrual period. It’s “terminating a pregnancy,” which is just a weird condition that happens to women sometimes but is totally unrelated to a developing baby in the womb.

People may rant about health care and choices and autonomy and “reproductive justice” (oh, the irony of that word!), but we are no better than pagan Romans, who left infants exposed on rocks to be picked apart by crows. In fact, we are worse because we cloak our “exposure” in lab coats and euphemisms, and protect the predators with the force of law. Then we top it all off with a $500 million dollar annual tithe to Margaret Sanger’s Moloch.

Planned Parenthood has admitted that it really isn’t interested in anything other than abortion. Is that what we want to pay for? Let’s at least be honest and admit it. (For more from the author of “Trump Made Cecile an Offer She Had to Refuse: Stop Aborting Babies or Lose $500 Million” please click HERE)

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