Watch: What ISIS Militants Did to This Bible Will Infuriate You

An ISIS militant’s failed, barbaric attempt to destroy a Bible written in Aramaic has helped inspire one Canadian media personality to take action for the communities displaced by the group.

In a five-minute video at TheRebel, host Ezra Levant holds up a Bible from the Nineveh region in Northern Iraq — an area that was desecrated during ISIS’s over two-year reign.

“It’s desecrated. It’s ripped,” he shows of the Bible in the video, noting that the ISIS fighter’s attempt to rip the book to shreds were thwarted by its sheer size. “So he shot it with a gun, aiming in the center of the cross. A symbolic target — to desecrate the symbol of Christianity; a symbolic murder of Christ himself, perhaps.”

In the video, Levant goes on to detail the horrors that ISIS wrought upon the people of Batnaya, a northern Iraqi village where the Bible came from.

“The church was torched. It was defiled in every possible way,” he explains in the accompanying post. “[ISIS] toppled the cross on the roof. I’m sure they did every humiliating thing they could — they torched it; I’m rather surprised they didn’t dynamite it too.”

The fact that Batnaya’s roughly 6,000 remain displaced after two years is made worse, Levant says, by the Canadian government’s treatment of them in comparison to unscreened Sunni Muslim refugees from the country, in a similar fashion to the enforcement U.S. refugee policy under Obama

The entire experience has driven him to do something about the dismal state of Northern Iraq’s long-suffering minorities,

“I’ve been thinking about this Bible all day since I saw it, he writes. “The Aramaic words in it; the bullet; the church; the town; Trudeau abandoning Christian refugees; the world ignoring them,” he concludes, before writing that he’s “putting together a plan” to help people like those in Batnaya.

“I’m still working on it,” he cautions. “I’m not ready to roll it out yet — but I will probably in a couple of weeks when I do some more inquiries.”

To keep up to date on Ezra Levant’s forthcoming announcement and plan to help Iraq’s Christians, visit his project at (For more from the author of “Watch: What ISIS Militants Did to This Bible Will Infuriate You” please click HERE)

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