Finally: Justice in Twin Falls Refugee Assault of Five-Year-Old Girl

A community torn apart by an unspeakable horror is finally getting some justice and closure, even if many of its members are set on continuing the same refugee policies that led to the atrocity in the first place.

In June 2016 in Twin Falls, Idaho, a 5-year-old developmentally-challenged girl was allegedly sexually assaulted. The three suspects charged in connection with this crime were refugee children, ages seven, 10, and 14, of Iraqi and Eritrean origin.

According to the charges, while one of the boys assaulted the little girl in an apartment complex laundry room, the other two recorded the incident on a cell phone. Few details have been available, as all of those involved are minors and the records have been sealed.

While what happened to that little girl can never be undone, this week her family and her community are one step closer to seeing justice served.

The three boys charged with the crime have pleaded guilty to felonies or aiding felonies, according to a report at The Idaho Statesman. All three have struck plea bargains that the victim’s family has agreed to.

“We agreed to the plea bargains. That by no means implies my clients were, or are, fully satisfied with the outcome of these cases or the prosecuting attorney,” Mark Guerry — an attorney for the victim’s family — told the newspaper.

“After 10 months their right to some form of justice was long overdue,” the statement continues. “They were prepared to testify at a trial or enter into to plea agreements months ago. More importantly, no convictions or mere words in statements could ever mitigate the unrelenting trauma and grief their little daughter now suffers as a result of this vicious sexual assault.”

This result didn’t come easily for the family, who not only had to endure the slings and arrows of open borders pundits and politicians, but also the media’s near-blackout of their story.

At first, the little girl’s story received little more than modest local media attention, noted Michelle Malkin, senior editor at Conservative Review, but a conservative social media groundswell, “untethered by the constraints of political correctness,” began asking the questions mainstream journalists ignored and eventually brought out the facts of the case.

In a recent episode of “Michelle Malkin Investigates” — which focuses on Europe’s refugee rape crisis — Malkin delves deeper into the political media cover-up surrounding the Twin Falls case.

Here’s a preview:

While justice may finally be served and closure coming to a beleaguered family, Twin Falls’ refugee question is far from over, as pro-refugee policies have come to mean big money for local vendors.

One of the largest employers in the area, Chobani, operates the world’s largest yogurt factory in the area and employs refugees as nearly 30 percent of its workforce, a business dynamic that has skewed local debate on the issue.

Speaking to WND last month in a story that outlines the problematic local politics surrounding the case, Guerry even accused the local Republican Party of taking the refugees’ side in the matter after Jim Jones — a former state supreme court judge — came to a local Rotary meeting to chastise those skeptical of refugee resettlement in the area.

“He trashed and browbeat everyone who challenged that refugee center for having a negative effect on business in Twin Falls,” Guerry told the website.

“My read on it is the local Republican Party has become just so corrupt and does whatever the prosecutor and other local muckety mucks [in Twin Falls] tell them to do,” he concluded. “I think they brought Jones down for the very purpose of trying to kill this story and browbeat and shame people and guilt them for standing up to the refugee center. And it’s all about the dollar for Chobani and others, just wagging their finger at anyone who opposes the refugee center and trying to make them feel guilty and ashamed for harming local business.” (For more from the author of “Finally: Justice in Twin Falls Refugee Assault of Five-Year-Old Girl” please click HERE)

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