No Joke: Portland Comics Charge $ for Abortion Yuk-Fest

One wonders when the pro-abortion left will simply admit that it has elevated abortion to the level of sacrament — but apparently it still makes for good entertainment.

Now, at one show in the great kooky Northwest, the killing of the innocent is getting its own story time, just for the laughs — and people are paying to see it.

According to a story in the Portland Mercury, a weekly newspaper of Oregon’s perpetually ripe-for-parody leftist haven, a group of female comedians are coming together to “storytell” their abortions.

Hosted by actress and pro-abortion activist Mary Numair, whose other accomplishments include screaming about yeast infections to pro-life demonstrators, the May event will showcase five female comedians who will tell their own stories about the decisions to terminate their pregnancies. The admission charge is $5.

The “storytelling” is presented by Shout Your Abortion, a group that encourages women to share their stories about the procedure in the hopes of normalizing it culturally. The group began as a hashtag on social media in 2015 in an effort to provide cover for Planned Parenthood, Lifesite News reported, following the release of videos by the Center for Medical Progress that renewed long-dormant calls to defund the organization.

“The best way to end the stigma and shame regarding the subject of abortion is to talk about it,” reads the event’s Facebook page. “So let’s do this, let’s tell our abortion stories.”

Of course this event is nothing new in message, just in medium. It’s just a new package for the same tired message that the abortion industry and its followers have been falling back on for years: that the killing of a child is somehow necessary because of things like careers, educations, and bad relationships.

Writing counter to these decades-old claims, Lori Sanders tells a far different story at The Federalist. Recalling how she chose her son’s life over her own fears of being “not ready” to be a mom, Sanders says:

“My heart breaks for those who made the decision to focus on themselves … Those who tweet to #shoutyourabortion and loudly proclaim the benefits to their lives—I weep for you and the lessons you’ll never learn through sacrifice. I wasn’t a special case, one whose preconceived convictions led me to a decision. I have my convictions because of the decision that I made and all I’ve been able to do.”

Reegardless of how the self-congratulatory crowd in Portland may make themselves feel or how an evening of narrative by comics can reaffirm the worldviews of the attendees, one wonders if those tales will be compelling enough to justify the taking of an innocent life. My money is on “not.” (For more from the author of “No Joke: Portland Comics Charge $ for Abortion Yuk-Fest” please click HERE)

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