That ‘Offensive’ Pepsi Ad? Turns out America Loved It

Remember that “offensive” Pepsi ad featuring the young Kendall Jenner, sibling to the Kardashians? The one in which Jenner tries to bridge the gap between young protesters and the police through an ice cold Pepsi. Well, according to Morning Consult it looks like the American people overwhelmingly like that ad. Proving, just like the 2016 election, that the nation doesn’t hold the same views as a loud group of politically correct whiners.

First up here’s the “offensive ad.”

This is really just a different take on the old Coke, “I’d like to teach the world to sing” commercials. SJWs went nuts because it dared showed a young person being nice to a police officer. That apparently is the height of 2017 offensiveness.

The polling firm Morning Consult wanted to see how Americans reacted to the ad. Here are their results:

As Ms. Miranda of BuzzFeed says, “a lot of people” liked the ad. When you look further at the data it seems that 50 percent or higher of millennials and young Gen Xers had a more favorable view of Pepsi after watching the ad. Which is the exact opposite reaction the MSM and SJWs would have you think would have happened.

In addition, more people had a more favorable view of Pepsi after viewing the ad in all age groups. Though only younger folks were moved at 50 percent or higher.

Finally, the group the SJWs would tell you should be most offended by the ad — minorities — overwhelmingly had a more favorable view of Pepsi after viewing it. This includes 75 percent of Hispanics, 51 percent of blacks, and 65 percent of other non-whites. Whites were the least moved by the ad with only 41 percent, a plurality, liking Pepsi more after viewing watching the ad.

This is more proof SJWs still don’t get America. The American people are sick and tired of being told how to think and act by a group of whiners. The most hopeful part of this Morning Consult poll is that it seems even the younger generation see’s through the SJWs attempt at programming their minds.

The next time Pepsi or any other company gets hit by an internet SJW tsunami of haters, it may be best to just stay the course. (For more from the author of “That ‘Offensive’ Pepsi Ad? Turns out America Loved It” please click HERE)

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